WordPress Myths and its Reality

As we know that WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. Around 25% websites are built with WordPress. When we talk about the popularity of WordPress, it beats Drupal and other CMS. There are many websites which are running on the WordPress. But still there are many people have different WordPress myths in their mind.

Many companies don’t prefer to build their websites on WordPress. Some people don’t consider WordPress as a CMS. Some says that it is just a blogging platform. So in this post, I will cover all the WordPress myths and give the reality of those myths. So this post will clear all your doubts about WordPress and will help you to build your websites with WordPress.

Are you the one who believes the same for WordPress? Are you willing to know the truth and power of WordPress? If your answer is yes, then read on.

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WordPress Myths and Reality

  1. WordPress is just a blogging platform


This is the first WordPress myth comes in anyone’s mind when we talk about WordPress. It is true that WordPress was born as a blogging platform but now WordPress is not just a blogging platform. Today more than 25% websites are built using WordPress. We cannot say that all of these websites are just a blog. Some of the big websites like CNN, TechCrunch and TIME also uses WordPress CMS.

There are many plugins, widgets, custom post type available in WordPress by which we can extend the functionality of WordPress. We can practically create any type of website with WordPress.

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  1. WordPress is FREE


We all love FREE stuffs. This is great news for the people who love FREE stuffs. But WordPress is free when we talk about its liberty. Anyone can change the code in WordPress without the prior permission of its developers. If you are having sound knowledge on coding then you can alter some parts of the WordPress and make your own version of it.

WordPress is open source. WordPress is developed by community of people. So WordPress is not belongs to any particular person. You don’t need to pay to use WordPress. If you want to use WordPress then all you need to do is download recent version of WordPress from its WordPress.org which is official website of WordPress.

There are two versions of WordPress. First is WordPress.com in which you get subdomain like yourdomainname.wordpress.com. In this version of WordPress, you get only limited functionalities. The other version of WordPress is WordPress.org which is self-hosted version. In this version, you need to buy domain and host by yourself. You need to install WordPress on your host and build your site.

So in this way, WordPress software is open source and anyone can change it as per his/her requirements.

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  1. WordPress Does not provide Support


This is the biggest WordPress myth. Before seeing its reality let’s look at how the premium software support system works:

In premium software, you may have some specific requirement. To fulfil those requirements, you contact some companies which will provide you that particular software. You need to pay for the same. When you face any issue with that software, you contact the company for support and that company will help you out.

As we have discussed in the previous point that WordPress is open source. So someone might have question like this: If I am using WordPress on my site and if I am facing one or the other issue where should I look for Support? This is obvious question. Due to the open source nature of WordPress, you also may have same question.

The solution of this question is very simple. WordPress is community project. So there are many developers, designers, bloggers and many other experts around the world. So when you face any issue with WordPress, you can use their Support forum and get help from them. WordPress is having rich documentation from which you can get your desired solution. Besides, these community, there are many freelancers working out there who can help you out from any problems with WordPress. So I can say that, there is great support available with WordPress.

  1. WordPress is not Scalable


This is one more myth about WordPress. You may see many clients who are worried about the scalability of WordPress. WordPress was born as a blogging platform that’s why many people are having doubt in scalability of WordPress. You will find questions like: what will be the performance of my site when the traffic increased? Can WordPress handle very high traffic?

This is complete myth. The reality is very different. If your site is down due to huge traffic then it is not the problem with WordPress. It is the problem of your Host. If you buy the good host then you get 99.99% uptime. So if your WordPress site is running on such hosts then you will not find major downtime. But if you are having low-quality host then you will surely face downtime with your website.

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  1. WordPress is insecure


There are many software and CMS in the world. Any software can be hacked anytime. No software is 100% safe. So when we talk about WordPress, the same rule applies. Hackers will try to find loop holes in the system and then they will exploit it for their benefits. WordPress is having great community of developers who are trying to bring high security in new versions. All the new versions of WordPress are having higher security than previous version.

WordPress is having some plugins which will make your site secure. Plugin like itheme security will give you 30+ ways to protect your website from any hacks. If you are using any nulled or cracked theme then there are high chances that your website will hack by any hacker sooner or later. So the security begins with you. You need to keep your themes, plugins and version upgraded. The best way to prevent is to take regular backup and do some basic securities check.

Moreover to protect your site from any security issues you need to use a good hosting, strong passwords, good themes and plugins.

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  1. Managing WordPress sites are difficult

If you are having any website then its management will be hard for you. This same thing applies to WordPress website as well. You need to do much stuff to manage WordPress website. You need to approve all the comment, check traffic, publish new and fresh content, ensure your security, update your plugins and themes etc. These are the tasks for only one website. Now imagine if you are having many websites with WordPress then what you will do? Can you manage them properly? Here is one more myth comes about WordPress and that myth is having multiple sites with WordPress and managing them is very difficult.

This is again wrong. With the plugin like ManageWP you can get the track of all your WordPress websites from single Dashboard. So this way, you can manage and handle all your websites easily.

  1. WordPress sites are slow


In the past, we made websites from simple HTML and CSS. But now with new technologies, the websites becomes much more complex. With WordPress, you can make complex websites. So you might have thoughts like will those sites are slow?

The answer is NO. The speed of the website is not depends on WordPress. If you are using a good hosting and well-coded plugin then you can enjoy your website at high speed. But if your hosting is bad then your site will be hosted on the server where other many sites are already running. In that case, you may face the server issues. If you are using poorly coded plugins then also those plugins will degrade your site’s performance. So for high performance, you need to use good hosting and well-coded plugins only.

  1. WordPress is not for eCommerce


WordPress is having all the functionalities by which you can create fully functional eCommerce websites. Gone are the days when WordPress is just a blogging platform. Now WordPress offers many features by which you can create any type of websites. Plugins such as woocommerce and WP ecommerce will help you to create eCommerce websites. With some good host and basic security checks you can be sure about its security as well.

So now you are aware with different WordPress myths and its reality. I strongly recommend you to give a try to WordPress. Don’t Ignore the power of WordPress. Again I am telling you WordPress is not only limited up to Blogging Platform. It is more than that. You can create any type of Websites with WordPress. So destroy all your WordPress myths with this post and create awesome websites with WordPress.

I have tried to cover all the WordPress myths and its reality. Still If you are having any doubts or query related to WordPress then feel free to ask via comments. If you like this WordPress myths and reality than do share it with your friends and help them to know the real power of WordPress. I would like to hear your thoughts regarding WordPress, so feel free to comment.

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