WordPress: wordpress.com VS wordpress.org

We are living on a planet where everything is surrounded by technology. Nowadays websites are  the must for any business set up or education purpose. Creating websites using codes require loads of coding skills and deep knowledge of various frameworks. So a layman has to run to the professionals. But now in the era when WordPress is introduced, creating websites without coding is possible. WordPress provides a platform where we can create websites as professionals without any qualified programming skills. In today’s era, WordPress is the most popular website making software available in the market.

What is WordPress?

CMS is a platform for managing all the content of your website. Managing content includes editing, updating, publishing, deleting and modification of the content in your site. WordPress is the most popular and open source content management system (CMS) which allows a user to create a dynamic websites and blogs.

Some Facts about WordPress:

  1. More than 60 million websites are running on WordPress which includes many popular websites CNN, TechCrunch and Forbes.
  2. WordPress offers complete translation in many languages including German, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, French and many more.
  3. In WordPress, there are more than 19,000 plugins are available.
  4. WordPress beats other CMS Joomla and Drupal when it comes to usage.
  5. WordPress is available for all popular mobile platforms such as Android, iOS.

WordPress is available as wordpress.com and wordpress.org. As a beginner, you might get confused about these versions. So, I would like to differentiate both the versions in detail.

What is WordPress.com?



WordPress.com is a free platform which is offered by automatic and it will let you create your blog for free. When we create our website with WordPress.com, WordPress will provide domain and host to our website. So there is no need to buy a domain and host for a website. The domain name of WordPress.com looks like yourname.wordpress.com. There are more than 200 themes available in WordPress.com. But since it is free and domain and host are controlled by WordPress, we can’t control them by ourselves. We can’t change the PHP code or any other code in WordPress.com. We can’t upload any new theme or plugins for our site. So there are some limitations of WordPress.com.

What is WordPress.org?



WordPress.org is used to create professional blogs and commercial websites. WordPress.org is completely flexible in compare to WordPress.com. To create a website or blog with wordpress.org we need to buy our own domain and host. In order to use WordPress, we have to install WordPress on our host. WordPress.org solves the limitation of WordPress.com. There are tons of free and premium WordPress themes and plugins in WordPress.org. We can also edit the CSS of the theme and code of PHP files. Since we are using our own domain and host, we have full control over the Website.

PriceIt is absolutely free to use. Domain name and Hosting is provided by WordPress.comIt is paid. We have to purchase domain and web hosting
Technical KnowledgeIt requires less technical knowledge to set up.It requires a more technical knowledge to set up and run.
Plugins and Themes We can’t use custom plugins and themes.We can use our own plugins and themes.
Set upEverything is done by WordPress itself.We have to do it by our own.
Traffic You get extra traffic for your website.You need to create traffic to your website.
Change in codeAny changes in code are not allowed.You can change any code here if you have that much technical knowledge.
MoneyYou can’t generate income from this blog.You can monetize your blog by anything.

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