A Whole Year of An Adventurous Journey!

Yeah, it was nothing less than an adventure to explore the field of Blogging. For us, Blogging was just a word one year back.

It all started when Nayan showed me the article on “Top 10 Bloggers of India“. I was attracted to this field as it is the field of sharing knowledge with like-minded people via words. It was just an inspiration part of TechiesBlogPoint. Learning phase already started when Nayan bought a domain name – ‘Tutorialscafe.net’ and host on the previous day – 14th December 2015.

It was all new and hard things for us from purchasing a domain name and host to set up the entire blog. We took extremely long for all the small and silly things which can be now done within 10-15 minutes.

Our professor Mr. Tejas Chauhan helped us a lot in the initial phase of setting up our blog. He was always there whenever we needed any help or suggestions.

I was so choosy in the matter of selecting the theme and its colors. Nayan didn’t interfere in this matter as he thinks – it is not his cup of tea and actually it is not. Nayan used to explore a lot in this field whether in bus time or his free time at home. Even in the library – while reading for our finals, we used to make strategies for our blog. Increased alexa rank, DA and PA, contacting other members of the blogosphere, all were exciting parts for us and still it is.

Joining some valuable blogging groups in facebook actually added value to our journey. Then notification about those groups became regular and most important part of our life.

Making relations with other community members via guest blogging, sponsored articles or our services was such an awesome experience.

If I talk about the income part, we actually had not started the blog in order to earn and didn’t earn a single penny from our blog or any other means. Earning started because of a very interesting cause.

August is my birthday month and Nayan wanted to plan some gifts for me. If he would have splurged his own money which he used to get via tutions, I would have been angry. So, he thought of writing content for some bloggers and earn to spend on my birthday. That was the sweetest BIG PLAN executed by my bestest friend which led us to the new direction of providing services. Yeah, we started our services of blog creation and set up, content writing and many other.

You can visit our Service page and we will happily provide our best service in case if you need it.

Nayan is too active socially so there was no shortage of work. We have written more than 150+ articles for other bloggers as well. Sometimes we were totally inactive on our blog due to exams or other study related stuff but we didn’t give up on our DREAM. Yeah, TechiesBlogPoint is not a short time business to earn but it is our dream and we have some plans to be executed.

Maybe we are going too slow, but we haven’t stopped yet. So, there are higher chances or I would say I’m damn sure about the success.

But this dream or any execution plans are nothing without the support of our readers and other fellow bloggers. Many pro bloggers have given their precious time whenever we asked them for any kind of help. We have learned a lot from other blogs as well.

On completion of the first year of our journey, I would like to thanks all the people who are connected with TechiesBlogPoint directly or indirectly. I cannot mention all the names as there are chances that I will forget to mention some important fellow as well. So, Thank you all who are reading this article or even if you are not reading this article.

Special Thanks – Actually a small word to dedicate you but Nayan, you are the best friend but our friendship reached to one level up only because of blogging. The part of yours in this journey is important than me. Thank you for being the best business partner. You are my first and best employee throughout the life without any expectation of payout. Your support means a lot to me.

Stay connected to TechiesBlogoint and witness our future journey as well in order to gain more knowledge and give us your support.


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