Premium URL Shortener Plugin from MyThemeShop [Free And Paid]

Are you the affiliate marketer?

Are you the blogger who is doing affiliate marketing and looking for some plugin which will create pretty links from ugly affiliate links?

If your answer to any of the above question is yes, then here is great news for you. Recently MyThemeShop has launched a plugin called URL Shortener for Affiliate Marketers.

When you are a beginner, you don’t want to invest money in plugins. There are many plugins which are working great for affiliate markers. Many of those plugins are paid plugins. So you need to pay some amount of fee in order to use them.

Why Affiliate Marketer needs URL Shortener Plugins?

The Affiliate links will be quite ugly and obvious links. Let me give one example to make this point clear.


Both of the above are my Affiliate Links for MyThemeShop affiliate. The both Links will go to the same URL and generate a commission when the sale is made.

Which kind of link you will like? The answer is obvious. Many of you will like the 2nd Link because it is pretty and quite good.

There are various reasons to use the 2nd type of links in affiliate marketing. Let’s look at them first:

1. To Prevent Your Affiliate ID from Your Readers

 As we have just seen, Affiliate links are quite obvious links which any internet user can recognize. So once he/she will know that you are writing this review for getting paid, they will not trust you. So your informative and well-written content will not work to gain the trust of your readers once they know the affiliate links.

2. To Avoid Search Engine Penalties

Search Engines don’t like affiliate links. If you are using affiliate links with rel=dofollow tag then you are running on a risk of Search Engine’s Penalty. You should use rel=nofollow tag while adding your affiliate link into the post. If you code each link manually then the process will be pain in butt. But with the help of some affiliate plugin, you can easily add rel=nofollow tag while using affiliate links.

3. Easy Affiliate Link Management

There are times when some product link gets expired or some affiliate program closed. At that time, you need to make changes in all the necessary places. This is very tedious task. But if you use some link clocking plugins then you can do it easily. So your link management will be so easy with shortener plugins.

4. Increase conversions and revenue

When you avoid all the bad possibilities for your affiliate links, you can make good amount of sales and money from some of the great affiliate programs.

So the above are some of the reasons to use Shortener plugin for your affiliate links.

There are some good plugins available in marketer for this job. Those plugins are paid plugins. There are also some free plugins available but those are not working properly sometimes. So there is a need for the good plugin which is free and which can help affiliate marketer in link clocking.

As a website owner, the person will always be in need of some good tools to make the website better. MyThemeShop is helping many website owners to make a great website by giving those tools.

Any affiliate marketer will need URL Shortener plugin that does not add much load in website, user-friendly, easy to use and still provides tons of features.

Today, I am going to share URL Shortener Plugin from MyThemeShop which is a newly launched plugin for all affiliate marketers from MyThemeShop. This is a completely free plugin to use.

URL Shortener Plugin From MyThemeShop

URL Shortener Plugin from MyThemeShop is a great WordPress plugin which will let you hide your affiliate links easily. This plugin will help you to create beautiful and short URLs. URL Shortener from MyThemeShop is a free, powerful, fast and perfect plugin to boost your engagement in affiliate marketing.

Features of URL Shortener Plugin from MyThemeShop In Free Version

URL Shortener Plugin From MyThemeShop Free

1. Short Links Creation

No one likes Big and Ugly links. So with this Shortener Plugin from MyThemeShop, you can create short and beautiful links for your readers. You can also add those short links into Tweets, Facebook Posts and more.

2. Faster than Other Shortener

There are many plugins available to redirect your visitors. Some of them are very slow in redirection process. But this URL Shortener Plugin from MyThemeShop is very fast while redirecting your visitors to the external sites.

3. Customization

This plugin allows lots of customization in links. You can represent your links as you want. Make sure you represent them as they are representing your brand.

4. Hide Affiliate Links

URL Shortener Plugin from MyThemeShop is a great way to hide your affiliate links from your readers. This way you can hide your ugly affiliate link and make them beautiful which your visitors will like.

5. Redirect with 301/302/307 Headers

You can redirect your visitors with this plugin and keep them updated about what’s happening. Redirection is the great way to deal with any kind of dead links on your blog.

6. Option to add NoFollow or NoReferrer

You can make your affiliate links NoFollow to avoid search engine penalties. You can even add NoReferrer keyword in your links to hide your identity from the target sites and send them the visitors.

7. Bulk Replace Old Links in Post and Pages

You may want to replace many old links at various pages or posts. You can save your valuable time by using Premium URL Shorter Plugin from MyThemeShop.

Get Free Version:

Features of URL Shortener Plugin from MyThemeShop In Paid Version

URL Shortener Plugin From MyThemeShop Pro

1. Redirect With JavaScript

You can add your JavaScript code while redirecting your visitors. You can do any cool stuff like storing cookies, transfer data or loading some great animations.

2. Show Different URL On Hover

You can clock and hide your ugly affiliate URLs and show different URL on Hover to your visitors. This is really a cool feature to implement on affiliate blogs and websites.

3. Set Up Redirection Delay

You can set some little delay in redirection process. You can show some custom message during that time.

4. Disallow Folders In Robots.txt

Robots.txt file is the most important file in WordPress. You can disallow some folders and make your affiliate links more secure from prying eyes and some praying scripts.

5. Advanced Stats

The more you analyze, the more you can target. You can check advance stats like device, OS, referrer, clicks and tracking by URLs and make your next move accordingly.

Comparison of Free and Pro Version

URL Shortener Free Vs Pro

Price of  URL Shortener Plugin from MyThemeShop

As we have just seen that there are two versions of URL Shortener Plugin from MyThemeShop.

You can get the Free Version of URL Shortener Plugin from MyThemeShop from Below Button 🙂

To get the Paid Version of URL Shortener Plugin from MyThemeShop, click on the Below Button.

Final Words

Really URL Shortening is the most important thing for any affiliate marketer.

If you are promoting products without using any link Shortener plugin then you are running on search engine penalty. So STOP NOW and try URL Shortener From MyThemeShop. You can go for free version for trial and then go for pro version.

Which Shortener Plugin are you guys using for your blogs? Let me know via comments.


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