TechiesBlogPoint – Progress Report of June 2016

There are many bloggers who are earning a huge amount of money online. Some of those bloggers are sharing his earning reports per month. In his/her earning reports, blogger is sharing what he has done in the past month, how he has monetize his blog etc. Some of the blogger also includes where they went for vacation, how they spent last month, what are the traffic report of the previous month and what the new leanings are for them.

Income reports are always the most fascinating things for blog readers and other bloggers. This is quite motivating also for those who are beginner in the blogging. The main advantage blogger will get by publishing his income report is he will come to know the progress of his blog. So that he can plan the future accordingly.

We are going to publish our reports also. With our reports, we want to Coney the message to our audience that anything is possible. If you are doing things with passion then you can do anything in this world. Here at TechiesBlogPoint, we are posting interesting stuffs for a quite long time. It is more than six months now. We have learnt a lot via TechiesBlogPoint. This is the first blog of our as of now. We are also thinking to make some more blogs on different niche. But as of now, our main focus in on TechiesBlogPoint only.

We have started TechiesBlogPoint on 15th Decemeber, 2015. In the initial time, we face lots of problem. Once we learnt few hacks of blogging, we start doing some good work. But that work was not sufficient. So we have decided to do something new. With the starting of June month, we have decided to publish one post regularly on our blog. We have decided to post 30 posts in 30 consecutive days. So we have decided to publish post daily in the month of June.

This is very hard when you are part time blogger. We have faced some time management issues. But at the end of the month, result is awesome. We have done 31 posts in 3o days. This is like dream come true for us. We have not only done 31 posts. Each and every post covers the topic in details. We have tried to put to use images wherever necessary.

Famous Post Of The Month

So let me tell you famous post of this month which got huge visibility across the world.

  1. Interview of Preet Sandhu
  2. How Nulled Theme will harm your blog
  3. Myths and Reality about WordPress
  4. Guest Posting Tips
  5. Blog commenting importance and tips
  6. Importance of Domain Authority
  7. Interview of Ahfaz Ahmed

The above-mentioned post are those which get very good response from the audience. All the other posts are also very good and people had liked those posts also. You can read all those posts from here.

We have not started to monetize our blog yet. So the earning of this month is $0. But we have earned a lot in terms of learning. In this month, we have learnt a lot. We have done some new experience which we have not done in the past. So the learning is really great.


Traffic is the main problem which we were facing in the past. We are also facing problems with traffic today as well. But we are able to drive a good traffic in the month of June due to the daily posting. Let me show you some of the stats by which you can clearly see the difference between the past and this month traffic.PV of May

As shown in the above image, in the previous month our pageviews were 2313. We have decided to cross 5000 pageviews at the end of the June. So here is today’s stat which clearly shows that we have achieved what we have set.PV of June

In June month, we were able to drive the double traffic then May month. We have doubled our pageviews. The main source of traffic is Social Media and search engines.

Guest Posts

We have done the great job in the guest blogging. We believe in guest posting. We are taking guest posting as a way to build relation with fellow bloggers. So to make new relations with bloggers, we have done a few guest posts too. So let me show you some of our guest posts on various blogs which we have done in this month.

  1. ShoutMeLoud: How to Write Support Request – This post is done by Mahezabin Malida who is the Founder of TechiesBlogPoint.
  2. ShoutMeLoud: Actionable Content Marketing Tips For 2016 – This post is done by Nayan Kariya.
  3. IFTISEO: Tesla Theme Reviews: This post is written by Nayan Kariya.
  4. Tips2Secure: Best Themes for WooCoomerce – This post is done by Mahezabin Malida who is Founder of TechiesBlogPoint.
  5. LetsEarnMoneyOnline: How to create PayPal account – This post is done by Nayan Kariya.

Achievements of this Month

This month is full of achievements for us. We have done lot of things in this month. We have achieved things which we were not thinking to achieve this much early. So let me tell you the things which we have achieved in this month.

  1. This is the biggest and happiest thing which we both have achieved in this month. We both have done guest post on ShoutMeLound which is the biggest blog of india. We have learnt many things from ShoutMeLoud. The guest post on ShotMeLoud is like dream come true for any blogger. We have done successfully two posts on ShoutMeLound. One post is done by Mahezabin and one post is done by me.
  2. The second most important achievement of this month is DA and PA. In the previous Moz Updates our DA and PA is 3 and 19 respectively. But with the recent Moz Upadate we have increased our DA and PA. Now our DA and PA is 10 and 19 receptively.
  3. Third most important achievement of this month is 31 Posts. To publish daily post is something difficult but we have done it with our smart work and passion.
  4. The forth achievement of us in this month is traffic. We have doubled our Pageviews in this month.
  5. My Guest Post which I have done on ITFTISEO is shared by TeslaTheme on its official Facebook Page.
  6. The Post of Mahezabin is liked by Pradeep Kumar who is the founder of popular blog HellBoundBlogger. Pradeep Kumar found that post useful and he gave a backlink to it from one of his blog. So this was a great moment for us becuase our work is appriciated by ProBlogger.

So I can say, we have achieved a lot in this month. This month is really nice for TechiesBlogPoint. We are hoping the same progress in the upcoming months.

If you like this progress report then do share it with your friends. I would like to hear your thoughts on our progress report. So feel free to comment.


24 thoughts on “TechiesBlogPoint – Progress Report of June 2016”

  1. Great work Nayan bro, you have succesfully executed what you have planned thats the biggest thing for every blogger.

    31 post in 30 days – that is awesome man, i hardly able to publish 9-10 post

    • Thanks for kind words bro. You can also do the same with some hard work. I hope you will publish more stuff in upcoming months.

  2. Nayan, this is great result. You have achieved the goal of 5k traffic this month. Congratulations! I believe the guest posts that you had submitted in ShoutMeLoud, helped your blog a lot to get more traffic. I have also made a vital change in my blog Techntechie in this month. I have started using a premium WordPress theme and this improved my Alexa stats a lot. Now, I am focusing on affiliate marketing sale. My next target is to sell some products from my affiliate links.

  3. very nice nayan kariya.i also run a website and it’s very new.and you blogs shows that content is the main king.if it’s good then we get more visitors.i followed your some blogs as always it is best.keep going

    • Yes, Prabhat. This is done with the help of team work only. We are two people behind this blog so it is very easy to manage things.

  4. Congrats bro, amazing progress … i want to ask how old is your blog? Your traffic report is great and wish you all the luck to progress more.

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