Blogging Tricks: When You Are Stuck Finding Topics

So, done with writing on all the topics which you had in your mind?? Now? What to write? You need to write right? Because it is the key job of any blogger. Running out of the topics is not a new problem for any author, poet or blogger. Now stop scratching your head and read this article. I am damn sure you will get solution for this problem after reading these awesome and coolest blogging tricks.

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Ready To Have Awesome Ideas? Blogging Tricks When You Run Out Of Ideas

Stop Scratching Your Head. Here are the blogging tricks

Now in this article, no need to follow everything step by step. Pick any blogging trick which is easy and convinient for you and go with it. So, here I am giving you some ideas to have ideas for your topic to write.

Burglary is not bad if you do it with honesty.

Yeah. I am talking about stealing someone else’s topic. No…..no…..don’t take me wrong. I am not talking about copying and pasting someone else’s article on your blog. That will be harmful buddy. I am talking about getting idea from their title.

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If you find any catchy and interesting title on other’s blog, twitter or any other social media grab it. That can be the next topic for your article. If you liked their title then don’t read that article.First write your own thoughts about that topic and do your research. Once you are done with the article, check their article. You will have both the articles differently written.If you will read their article first then yours will be replica of their using different words. 

For geting idea by this way, you need to have reading practice. Good reading practice. Reading books, magazines and famous blog can help you to get your innovative idea of next post. So keep honesty while stealing!!!

Knowledge gives you best answers but Intelligence gives you best questions.

Knowledge you already have right? and if not then why Google is there? You can gain all answers using google if you have better questions. So, my knowledgable folk, Be Intelligent. Having some good questions will solve your problem for finding new topics.

Follow this chain.  Have question -> Get Answer -> Write your next article.

If you don’t have any question then why the smart people around you are there? Utilize all the resources. Ask them about their questions. If you get any meaningful and nice question then answer it in your next post. Be Intelligent.

Problems you faced are the best solutions for this problem.

Yeah I know we blogger don’t let any problem be the problem, we find solutions for it anyhow, at any cost. So, why don’t you share this problem and its solution with your readers in the form of an article? May be they are also facing the same problem. Then it can be a boon for them. Write solution in the form of easy manual. So, readers can follow it with ease and interest.

So, I hope using any of these blogging tricks you would have got some ideas. So, start writing your next article. If you have not found any idea for your next post using these blogging tricks, then I know you are not going to seat clamly. You would have found other ways to find your next topic. Which is that? Add some more blogging tricks in this list via comment. Feel free to share this article with your mates to help them with their next topic.

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