Permalinks Structure for WordPress Which Is SEO Friendly

Do you think the URL of your website will help you to rank in search engine? Have you heard about SEO friendly URL and ugly URL? Yes, that’s completely true that your URL will help you to rank high in any search engine. Whenever any newbie starts his blog, he does not change the permalinks setting from setting section. This is the biggest mistake of any newbie in blogging. The WordPress don’t offer SEO friendly permalinks in the past. But with the WordPress 4.2, WordPress starts offering SEO friendly permalinks.

What is Permalink and which Permalink is best for SEO?

Permalinks are the URLs of the pages and posts of your website. They are permanent web address for your pages and post. If your permalinks are well organised then it is very beneficial for you and your website. Well organised permalinks are very important to attract the visitors and for ranking high in search engines.

By default the permalink of WordPress was something like this:

This is not SEO friendly permalink. So many newbie fails to create the website which is SEO friendly. The SEO friendly permalink will be something like this:

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Types of Permalinks in WordPress

There are mainly 3 types of permalinks available in WordPress. These can be categories into ugly, good and best.

Ugly Permalink: These is very bad for SEO. This is the default permalink in WordPress. This looks like this:

Good Permalink: This permalink append some info about post after index.php. It looks like this: This is little SEO friendly.

Best Permalink: This is highly SEO friendly permalink. This includes your keyword in it. So it is easier for visitor and search engine both. This permalink looks like this:

How to change Permalink Structure in WordPress?

With the WordPress 4.2, WordPress offers SEO friendly and best permalink. But still it is better to check it and if necessary change it. To change the permalink settings for your WordPress website go to settingsàPermalinks. From here you can choose the best permalink for your website.

There are several options are available for you. From those options, you can choose the most appropriate option.

  1. Plain:

 This is default WordPress permalink and it is not SEO friendly. It is bad SEO practice to use such kind of                      permalinks.

  1. Day and name:

   This is somewhat SEO friendly permalinks. But with the inclusion of date and month the permalink becomes               lengthy. This is also not very useful because it includes date in it. So when you update your content in the post the       permalink will not change. So your content will looks like outdated.

  1. Month and name:

  This is also a SEO friendly URL. But it is also having the same problem as second permalink structure.

  1. Numeric:

  This is ugly permalink for SEO. This permalink contains ‘123’ as its post ID. It is not much used.

  1. Post name:

  This is the best permalink for SEO. Many of the blog uses this permalink structure. This includes keyword so it is         better to use. It is also easy to use permalink for visitor.

  1. Custom Structure:

 In this option, you can create your own permalinks. You can create your permalinks by using the following                  options:

  1. %year%: You can use year in which the post is published. For example 2016.
  2. %monthnum%: You can use month number in your custom permalinks. For example 5.
  3. %day%: You can use day of the month in which the post is published. For example 26.
  4. %hour%: You can use hour of the day when the post is published. For example 15.
  5. %minute%: In custom URL, you can also use minute. For example 30.
  6. %second%: You can even use second while creating custom permalinks. For example 45.


If your site is old then you should not change your permalink structure. You will lose all your social shares if you change the permalinks of well-established site. So this is the main disadvantage of changing the URL structure. You can hire some professionals to change the structure. But then also you will lose all your social shares. You must change the structure if you are using the plain permalinks. Otherwise if you don’t change the structure of well-established site then it is fine.

If you like this post then shares it with your friends and helps them to create SEO friendly permalink. I would like to hear your views related to SEO friendly Permalinks. So feel free to comment.

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