Secret and Proven Guest Posting Tips

Are you thinking about Guest Posting? Are you afraid that your guest post will be rejected? Are you on mission of series of guest posts? Do you want to reach bigger audience and make your name in industry? If your answer to any of the above question is YES, then here is a complete guide for you. We all know that guest blogging is very crucial in this era. Many blogs accepts guest posts. There are many people who are doing guest posting. There are many advantages of guest blogging. This is the best technique to get backlink, more readers, and new relations and make your name in the industry.

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These kickass benefits of guest blogging will attract many newbie bloggers. Many people try to do guest post on one or the other blog. But not all these people get desired success. Not all of their posts get published. Due to that reason, they get disappointed. They start thinking like that guest posting in not their cup of tea. To write guest post on very good blog is very hard.

If you are failed in guest blogging and you are thinking the same then you are WRONG. Yes, you are completely wrong. I am also newbie blogger. I have done 10 guest posts in very short span of time.  In this 10 guest post I have cover ShoutMeLoud, HellBoundBloggers, IftiSeo, Tips2Secure and some other blogs. I have not faced any difficulties there. So if I can do guest post on such blogs then I can do guest post on any blog of blogosphere. I just use the following things while doing my guest post on any blog. You can say that these things made me successful as a guest blogger. These are my secret tips for guest posting but I am sharing it with you.

Myths about Guest Posting

  1. Only blogger can do Guest Post: This is not true about guest post. Anyone who is good reader can do guest post on any blog of blogosphere. You need not to be blogger to do guest post. But if you are not good reader then chances are that you may not be able to do it successfully. Most of all the blogs accept guest post from anyone.
  2. Number of guest post matters: This is again one more myth about guest posting. Many newbie starts guest posting only to gain backlinks. They don’t focus on quality content. This is very bad. If you are not focusing on quality of content then you will not get all the benefit which you should get from guest post. You cannot find good readers for your blog.
  3. Your blog should have high DA if you want to do guest post on good blog: This is not true at all. If this is true then any newbie cannot do guest post on other blog. Any blogger always looks for quality content. If you are offering good content then it your DA does not matter. You can do guest post on any blog whose DA is very high. I have done guest post on blogs having 55+ DA while our DA is 3 only.
  4. One should not give much time to write guest post: This is not true. If you are not giving good amount of time to write guest post then there are high chances that your guest post will be rejected. You will not get all the benefits of guest post. So one should give proper time to write guest post. Make sure your post is free from grammatical mistakes and plagiarism.

Secret Tips For Guest Posting

  1. Find your area of interest: This is my first tip for all the guest bloggers. If you want to write guest post then you should first find your area of interest. If you write the post on those topics on which you are having good knowledge then there are high chances that you can do best. So first find your interest and then decide your topic.
  2. Read the blog which you are targeting for guest post: This is best tip of mine. Believe me, this is my hidden weapon while guest posting. I do read the blogs on which I want to do guest post. This is the best way to figure out which type of post blog owner writes, which types of post blog owner accepts and which types of post readers like. Once you know all these then it is very easy to write best guest post on any blog. So go and read the blog on which you want to publish your guest post.
  3. Keep your guest post clean: This is very important factor for guest post. If you use too many new words and jargons then it is very easy for readers to read your post. People don’t like to find each and every word from dictionary. So don’t use hard words. Make your guest post simple and easy to read. Simplicity will attract more people.
  4. Write unique content: Content is king. You should write your best content for your guest post also. Remember one most important thing while writing your post for other blogs: Don’t copy anything from anywhere. If blog owner found your content plagiarised then your guest post will never be published. You will lose your relations too. So don’t copy anything and write your best possible content.
  5. Don’t just write for backlinks: If your sole purpose to write guest post is only backlinks then you are doing wrong. Don’t write for backlinks. I am not saying that backlinks are not important. It is important but the more important is your exposure. You are getting bigger opportunities by guest posting. So write good content for that.
  6. Find the right sites: There are many websites on the Internet. Many of them are good. Some of them are very popular. We all want to write guest post for Mashable, TechCrunch etc. but it is not that easy. So first one should start by writing guest post for local blogs and then slowly shift to the international blogs. If you have done good number of guest posts on good blogs of your country then you can tell the blog owner about it. This will be an added advantage for you while doing guest post on international blogs.
  7. Follow Rules: This is very important point. Every blog is having write for us page where blog owner has described all the rules and policy. First you should read all the rules and then you need to write your post which follows the rules completely. If you are not following any of the rules then your post may not be accept. So read the write for us page of blog and follow it.

So with this post, I have given all the secret tips which I am using to write guest post on various blogs. There are kickass advantages of guest post. Definitely if you are doing guest blogging right then you will get all these benefits. Make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips while writing your guest post. These tips are made by me. I am following the exact tips. I am pretty sure that if you follow the above tips then you can do guest post on any blog.

If you like this post then do share it with your friends and help them to write guest post. I would like to hear your views on guest blogging. So feel free to comment.


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