2 Years of Blogging Journey : Happy 2nd Year Anniversary to TechiesBlogPoint

15th December 2017…!!!

Today, our blog TechiesBlogPoint has completed 2 years in blogging journey.

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary to our TechiesBlogPoint.

It all started before 2 years on the same day. I still remember the day when we have registered the domain name called TechiesBlogPoint.com without any knowledge of domain, host or blogging from our college library.

In 2 years, everything has changed a lot. We have taken a lot of time to make blog as we don’t know anything in blogging and WordPress. After making a blog, the journey was quite interesting till the end of one year. We have done guest post on various blog, started providing various services to other people and added more content to our blog too.

After the completion of one year, our speed has degraded a lot when it comes to adding new content on our blog. In the starting of 2nd year only, I got a  new job in software company and Mahezabin became a bit busy in her family. So we could not add a lot of content in the 2nd year.

We have learned a lot of things in these 2 years time. We have interacted with lots of bloggers and internet marketers online.

Let me show you some of our achievements in our 2nd year journey :

Achievements for TechiesBlogPoint in 2nd Year

  1.  We have published Ultimate Guide on Facebook Marketing on our blog. The guide contains total 15,000 words where we have explained 99+ Facebook Marketing tips which you can use to grow your Facebook profile, Facebook page or Facebook group. The guide only contains real life example which we have captured from our network. I am still getting “Thank You” messages from people when they read that guide.
  2. We have acquired 2 great domain names: BirthdayDiaries.com and BirthdayDiary.com (We have some good plans to develop site on them)
  3. We have moved our blog from http to https in this year.
  4. We have also acquired NayanKariya.com and MahezabinMalida.com in this year. We will soon coming up with cool site on them too.
  5. We have learned a lots of new lessons during our 2nd year journey.
  6. We have got some great relationship with clients by providing our valuable services to them.
  7. We have expand our network and got in touch with more people in the world of blogging.

Learning Lessons in 2nd Year Journey

  1. Focus on your blog first. This is the most important lesson we have learned. We were not able to write more articles on our blog in the 2nd year but we have written many good articles for our clients. So we need to work on our blog too with our services.
  2. Don’t work with person if he/she is not ready to listen your point of view. I got one worse experience while working with one person. He was not literally ready to listen my point of view in one of the project. I needed to stop working on that project even if I was about to complete it. I ended up losing my money, time and energy but learned one important life lesson.
  3. Your network is your worth. So make it bigger and better. Learn from people and provide more value in return.
  4. Motivation will not work until you work. So start working NOW.

What You Can Expect in 3rd Year From TechiesBlogPoint?

  1. A lot of new content with full of values. We will again start adding new content starting from today on our blog. As you might know, we only add content that provides value. So you can expect lots of valuable content in 3rd year. If you want to cover any specific topic then comment below and let us know. We will cover it for sure.
  2. We will be covering interview of some great bloggers and internet marketers in the 3rd year. I am sure you guys will surely enjoy reading them.
  3. A lot of help will be provided to those who need. If you need any help regarding blogging feel free to contact us. We will help you for sure with your problems and issues.
  4. We will keep providing our services to people. We may add some more services in the future. If you need our services, contact us NOW.
  5. More professional touch on TechiesBlogPoint…!!!
  6. We will be doing lots of new guest posts too in this year.
  7. And a lot more….!!!

Special Thank You Message to Mahezabin Malida

The journey which we have started from college library has completed 2 years today. You have supported a lot in these 2 years with each decision in blogging. Keep supporting me and TechiesBlogPoint and let’s achieve a lot more with TechiesBlogPoint in the 3rd year.

I cannot thank you enough by just saying thank you but let me tell you something: You are the most important part of TechiesBlogPoint journey. Keep working hard and adding lots of value on TechiesBlogPoint. You are always inspirational person and a best friend of mine…!!!

Thank You to Our Audience, Facebook Groups and Fellow Bloggers

Special Thanks to all the people from whom we have learned something directly or indirectly. Thank you to all our readers and audience. Keep supporting us, keep coming and reading TechiesBlogPoint. A lot of thank you to fellow bloggers, Facebook Groups and other people who are into blogging.





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    It motivated me a lot as I recently started Blogging 6 months back.

    And I need a ton of Motivation.

    This superb project inspired me too much.

    I wish you will provide more and more delicious info like this.

    By the way, first time I visited to your website.

    Hope, you’d work best next too.

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