Right Usage Of Hashtags To Make Your Content Viral

We all know that what the Hashtags are. But many of us don’t know how to use them properly. Many people use Hashtags without proper understanding of Hashtags. If you know the proper use of Hashtags then you can boost your content in social media. Hashtags are the best weapon to drive targeted traffic on your websites or blogs. But if you use them wrong then the impact of Hashtags will decrease your credibility in social media. So it is very important to use proper Hashtags. In this post, I will explain you the right usage of Hashtags for different social media.

What are Hashtags?

Any word or phrase in message which is preceded by # sign is known as hashtag. The purpose of hashtag is to identify the keyword and then facilitates the search for that keyword. Whenever you use some hashtag in your post, it is immediately indexed by social network. So now if someone clicks on that hashtag then he will redirect to the page which is having all the post with same hashtag. So by this way, hashtag is used to categorize the post which is having same topic. Once the keyword picks up good searches it becomes trending keyword. This trending keyword is depends on social connections and locations. So each users trending keyword will be different.

Now we know that what is hashtag and why we should use it. So now the question is that can we use Hashtags randomly? The answer is NO. You cannot use randomly any word and make it hashtag. Because if you do it then you will not get desired result. You may lose your credibility. This is not good for any online business. So always keep in mind the right usage of Hashtags.

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How to find the best Hashtags from different Social Media?

If we know how to find the perfect hashtag then we can use those hashtag perfectly. If we can use hashtags perfectly then we can say that we know the right usage of hashtags.  To find the hashtags from any social media is very easy. I will demonstrate the process step by step by which you can find hashtags for your brand. Once you find the hashtags then you can use those hashtags perfectly and improve your social presence. So below I have mentioned how you can find hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Follow the guide step by step to find out the popular hashtags on each of the social media.

How to Find Hashtags on Facebook?

To find any hashtags on Facebook, you just need to write the word in the search box of Facebook and hit the search button. It will give you the list of the hashtags which you have searched. If it is good then you can use it for your social sharing as well.


How to find Hashtags on Twitter?

Twitter is the inventor of hashtags. Hashtags are most effective in twitter. So if you know right usage of hashtags then you can do wonder on twitter by your social shares. Twitter will give you trending topics in your main feed. So to find out hashtags from twitter, you just need to visit the left side of your news feed. Here you will find the current topics and related links of those topics. From there you can choose any word and make your hashtag.


There is one more way to find the hashtags from twitter. In this way, you need to use search box of twitter. By using search box, you can find amazing hashtags for twitter. Then you need to use those hashtags to the content which you want to share. Just write the word or phrase in search box of twitter and see the results.


How to find Hashtags on Instagram?

To find the proper hashtag on Instagram is very easy. All you need to do is just write the word in search box and you will see suggestions. You can choose from it. You also can click on suggestions and see the images for which that hashtag is used. By right usage of hashtag on Instagram, you can make your content viral.


How to find Hashtags on Google+?

Google+ is the best place to share your content. If you are having a good community on Google+ then that will drive a huge traffic for your blog or website. Here also right usage of hashtags plays a vital role. To find popular hashtag on Google+, you just need to write word in Search box. Google+ will automatically give the suggestions for that word. You can choose any suggestions from it and use it for your content.


So as of now, we have understood how to find the proper hashtags on 4 social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Now it’s time to use those hashtags on those social media. Here is the trick of right usage of hashtags comes into the picture. Don’t spam your hashtags on these social media. You should not use hashtags beyond some numbers on each of these social networks. Otherwise it will give you negative impact.

How and How many Hashtags should you use on each social media?

  1. Facebook: You should not use hashtag on Facebook. Usually on Facebook, the post without hashtag will grab more engagement. So we can say that on Facebook, you cannot boost your engagement with the help of hashtags. But still if you want to use hashtags on it then you can use one or two hashtags per post. This is better truth about Facebook which we need to accept. There are many people who use hashtags on Facebook like anything. This is not good sign for those people.
  2. Twitter: Twitter is the first social media which started the use of hashtags. Here also you need to be little careful. If you use 3 hashtags per post then it is well and good. But again by using more hashtags on twitter will give negative results. So try to use at max 3 hashtags per one tweet. The right usage of hashtag will give you outstanding results on twitter.

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     3. Instagram: This is the social media where you can use hashtags like anything. The more you use, the more           you get interactions. The photos with 10+ hashtags drive most interaction on Instagram. This looks like spam but       here you need to be smart. You can use your location, some popular word of your brand and some words which           give you targeted audience. Here if you use your smartness well then right usage of hashtags will give you much           more engagement.

     4.Google+: On Google+ hashtags will automatically assigned to your posts. If you want to change it then you              can. Google+ allows you to use hashtags in the comments. So by using hashtags in comments, you can boost                engagement. Here again, 2 to 3 hashtags are good per each post. Don’t use more than that.

So now it’s time to use hashtags on social media. To use hashtags on social media, you should remember some do’s and don’ts for hashtags.

Be specific about hashtags.Don’t use spaces and punctuation marks.
Use different hashtags for different social network.Don’t use @ sign while making your hashtags.
Come up with relevant and unbranded hashtags.Don’t spam the post with hashtags only.
Make sure the hashtags which you use is stayed within the context of content.Don't Use the number of hashtags above the given suggestions.
You need to make sure about the working of Hashtags.Don’t hashtag everything like this: #use#proper#hashtags.

Make Your Own Hashtags

Sometimes it may happen that how hard you try you cannot find the proper hashtags for your content. It may happen that your business campaign needs different hashtags than existing one. So you don’t need to worry about it. You can make your own hashtags. Make sure you work smartly to create your hashtags. With the right usage of hashtags you can create wonders. I can say custom hashtags are more powerful than existing one. So create your own hashtags. Before you create custom hashtags, just remember the following 3 points:

  1. Hashtag should be such that it can be remembered easily.
  2. Hashtag should be simple and unique.
  3. Hashtag should be reverent to your content.

More Tips on right usage of Hashtags

  1. Be careful for proper etiquette on social networks: Hashtags are useful for categorize similar content on social media. But each social media uses it differently. For example hashtags on Instagram is tending to focus on description but hashtags on twitter is tending to focus on topic. So use accordingly.
  2.  Use those hashtags by which you want to represent your brand: This is more important point for the usage of hashtags. You should use only those hashtags which represents your brand. If you are focusing on online business then you the hashtags related to online business only.
  3. Keep It Short and Simple (KISS): Follow the KISS principle while using the hashtags on social media. Keep them simple and short.
  4. Keep the first latter of Hashtag Capital: This is obvious tip but it is worth to mention it here. Don’t forget to make first latter capital.

So know you have clear understanding on what is hashtag, how to find hashtags, how to use it, how many hashtags should be used per post, how to create your own hashtags. If you missed any point then you can reread the post again. It will help you to clear your concepts on hashtags. Remember one thing: with the right usage of hashtags you can do wonders. But the right usage is necessary.

If you like this post on right usage of hashtags for different social media then do share it with your friends and help them to make their content viral. I would like to hear your thoughts on hashtags. So feel free to comment.

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