Pros and Cons of WordPress

There are many CMS in the market which will manage website content easily and efficiently. Among all of the CMS, WordPress is definitely the best CMS. If you want to start your blog or website then WordPress is the best choice for you to start with. In the early stage of WordPress, it is only popular for the blogging platform. But due to the development of thousands of plugins, WordPress becomes CMS. There is tons of website which are built on WordPress. WordPress is popular due to its pros and simplicity. There is always another side of the coin. Thus, WordPress is having its own pros and cons. So, let’s see pros and cons of WordPress as a content management system.

Pros of WordPress:

  1. Easy to use

WordPress is popular due to its simplicity. It is very easy to learn and configure a WordPress website. WordPress does not require a prior knowledge of HTML and PHP unlike Joomla, Drupal. So any non-technical person also can develop his website with WordPress.

  1. Open Source

WordPress is open source software, which means anyone can use WordPress without paying fees. Also, anyone can modify the existing code and reuse it as per his requirements.

  1. Easy to install

The installation of the WordPress is very easy and does not require a technical knowledge. Due to the popularity of the WordPress, most of hosting companies is providing one click installation of WordPress. Besides one click installation, manual installation of WordPress on the host is also very easy.

  1. Huge Community

There is a huge community behind the WordPress. So if you are facing any problem then you can take help from the community of the WordPress.

  1. Plugins and Themes

WordPress achieves its real power by plugins. WordPress is having a plenty of plugins and themes in its repository. Many of them are free and anyone can use it.

  1. SEO friendliness

SEO is the need of any website. You are happy to hear you that WordPress offers many search engine optimization options by which your website becomes visible to search engines.

Cons of WordPress

  1. Knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS

Whenever you want to modify any code within the WordPress, you need excellent knowledge of PHP. If you want to change any theme of the WordPress, then knowledge of CSS and HTML is also required.

  1. Efficiency Issue

Plugins provide all the features of CMS. But to utilize this features, you need to install many plugins. As the number of plugins increases, the performance of the website decreases. So the overall efficiency will decrease.

  1. Security

PHP is having the reputation for security flaws. So WordPress is also having same problems before some years back. But in recent times, WordPress has developed many plugins for security purpose. But still, there is a chance for vulnerability.

  1. Frequents Updates

WordPress is known for frequent updates. There are many updates are available in plugins and these updates sometimes create a problem in the website due to incompatibility.

  1. Not for eCommerce

Due to the security flaws, WordPress is not much useful for eCommerce website as compared to other CMS.


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