Productivity Hacks : Secret Tips To Manage Everything Well

Productivity Hacks??? – No…..No…..No…….I am not going to give any kind of lecture on time management. I understand importance of proper planning, time- table and other ideal stuff. But before those all things one universal truth is – WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. Yeah we are not machines that one schedule is fixed and we will work accordingly.

Every people have same 24 hour, and for every people the time passes at same speed. Then why some of us are successful and some of us are not? The reason is productivity. Some utilizes this 24 hours productively while others just waste it.

Managing our task becomes more important when you are dealing with your 9 to 5 job and blogging simultaneously. We are human beings and there comes a limitation that we cannot be productive 24 hours. Some of us can work effectively in early morning where some of us would prefer to sleep in that time. I have gone through some scientific fact which says in XYZ time people are more productive. But there always come cases of exceptions and I feel that in this case there will be more exceptions.

I have gone through some scientific fact which says in XYZ time people are more productive. But there always come cases of exceptions and I feel that in this case there will be more exceptions.

Instead of using our sharp mind in designing perfect planning or day, make some small rules which you can apply in your daily routine and save your time which is wasted because of our silly mistakes.

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I would love to share some productivity hacks which can help us to improve our productivity. Before that I hope you all know what the hell this productivity is???? Productivity means get more work done in limited time. Yeah it is our capacity to do some fruitful work. Nope…..wasting your time on social media doesn’t get count in productive work but yes, blogging is counted.

Ready to be Mr./Mrs. Productive???

Here we go with these benevolent tips…..!!!

1. Wake up early in the morning

Waking up early will make you feel energetic and you can do some of your work in that time period. I am not saying to wake up at 4’o clock or 5’o clock. If you can wake up at this time then it’s fine. You can work without distracted by your family members or colleagues.

But if you can wake up 10-20 minutes early then you can do exercise in that time before going to any meeting or other work.

2. Don’t be afraid to say NO

Being Nice is nice. But exaggeration in anything always leads to destruction. If you have enough work of yours that can keep you busy, then don’t take responsibility of other’s work. You will be stressed because it will increase your workload.

I am not saying to be rude to the people who are closed to you. You can say them that you will help them later or humbly you can say that you have very much work to do and less time for that. If you can exchange your work then ask them to get one of your works to be done and then help them. It is not a business deal, it is just to get your all work done on time.

3. Less verbal commitments

You can break a promise you made to yourself, but breaking promise with others will make you feel guilty and spoil your impression. So, think twice before giving verbal commitments. Don’t give commitments without seeing your schedule and your workload, it can put you in trouble.

4. Make realistic goals

If you will set goals which are not realistic then it is going to affect your enthusiasm. As your goals are not real they are not going to be achieved in short span which will demotivate you and it may happen that you do give up.

So, don’t think to achieve big goals in short time span. I also do believe that nothing is impossible so whatever you set as a goal will be real. But sometimes you will have to wait for it, you will have to work hard for it. So, be ready for it.

5. Be positive

Positivity will make you work faster. If you will have negative thoughts in your mind, then you will not be focused in your goal. So, positive approach is the primary thing you need to have. I won’t give you extra lecture on positivity because you can find that on internet. There are plenty of articles and lectures on it.

6. Keep your workplace clean

Ahhh!!! messy things make us confuse and irritated. So, the clean workplace will boost your stamina to work. It will save your time to find everything. your time won’t be wasted in finding the things you need if those are kept at their place.

7. Say “NO” to the thing which doesn’t let you move forward

The things which are holding you back, you should get rid of them. If they are not pushing you a step toward your goal then why to waste time on such things? You can spend that time doing some useful tasks. So, stay away from these kind of bad habbits.

8. Answer your Emails in specific time period

If you will open your mailbox anytime then you will spend huge amount of time on checking it and replying it. SO, fix a particular duration for checking and replying your mails. This way the communicator at other end also can know that when they can get quick response.

9. Keep your phone MUM while working

In this generation, it’s the worst habit found in people they keep on checking their phone while working which leads to the decrement in quality of the work. Even if a person doesn’t want to check his/her mail though the sound of those notifications tantalize them to check the phone. So, keep your phone on silent mode or keep the notifications off while working.

10. Be Original, Copying will waste your time

It is not particularly in the field of blogging but in other field also copying will waste your time. ou need to modify the task to show that it is not copied. So, better to be original which will help you in amny aspects of your life.

Bonus Tip: Stay Healthy

All the above tips are worthless if you don’t have good health. SO, spend some time in exercise and have healthy food specially if you have to work whole dau sitting on your office chair.

I hope these productivity hacks will make you productive. You might have your own hacks which you apply to be more productive. So, feel free to add them in the comment section. Make your friends more productive by sharing these productivity hacks.

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