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Nowadays use any online software or application, you need to signup for it. where there is a signup procedure, you need to set a password for that. So, what do you set as your password? Your girlfriend/boyfriend’s name? Your birthdate? Parent’s name? Favorite personalities? or any silly thing like these?

We know how dangerous it is to use silly passwords like our own birthdate, cell no, nickname, favorite color/actor/actress etc. as they are easy to get cracked by hackers. Then also we use it because we don’t like to manually create the strong password which is hard to remember. You might have used many online password generator, which offer the secure password but why to use third party application when you have a browser which offers the same functionality? If you use the internet then I think you are using google chrome as your default browser as it is the most popular web browser in the world. Google chrome has many features which include native integration with google services and a range of productivity-enhancing extensions.

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How to do password generation using chrome?

Google Chrome includes a hidden feature that can be used to have the browser generate random password every time it detects the password field on the web page. This inbuilt password generator of google chrome provides you the mix of character, number, and special character which is not easy to guess. This is very useful when you are creating online accounts and can not think of a strong password. Here is how to do it.

You will need to be signed into your Google account. In case you are not, then open your chrome web browser, type chrome://settings in the address bar and hit enter. You will see the option to sign in to chrome.

Sign into Chrome

Now click on that option and you have to sign in with your google account. Once you have signed in then there is you have to go in advanced sync settings and ensure that the password box is checked. This allows the chrome to sync your passwords that you generate using chrome.

Advanced Sync Settings

Now type chrome://flags in the address bar and hit enter.


There are many options so that open the search bar and type password generation. It is set to default you have to make it enable so from a drop-down menu choose the enabled option. Once you have done this you have to relaunch the chrome so that there is at the end one option to relaunch now you have to click on that to enable the chrome password generation.

Password Generation Settings

Now onwards when you open any signup page and click on the password field chrome suggest you the password.

Below is my signup form screenshot where chrome suggests me the password. If you select the suggested password then chrome save and sync your password using your google account. You do not need to save your password manually because it happens automatically.

Signup Screenshot

There are many other tools to generate a secure password. For example, Norton identity safe password generator stores your password in the online vault. This app is also available on the android market at free of cost. Another one is secure password generator where you can use all the possible ways to generate a secure password and use it. But it is just a password generator so you have to remember it or make a log of generated password by yourself. So use the chrome’s inbuilt password generator for making your password strong enough.

Now I think we don’t need to set some silly passwords. Any other ways do you know which are better than this? Then feel free to comment which can add value to this article. Feel free to share so your friends can also set smart passwords.

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