Nulled themes?? Don’t Be Greedy Or Fool

Hello, my blogger friends and now extended as my blogging family. Nowadays I have come across this word many times. NULLED THEMES. Some suggested use it. What’s the problem if you are getting it free. Some suggested don’t use it why would they give premium theme free of charge? So, I did what bloggers do. Yeah some good research and here I am with some important points and suggestions with logic.

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What this term is?? NULLED THEMES

We all know that a good theme is how much important to set up any online business. Some premium themes are costly and some of so called well wisher developers provide these themes us totally free!!! Those themes are known as Nulled Themes. Are they so great that they provide us those themes free?? Or Is there any hidden benefit of them?? Of course, nobody in this world is here who will serve us without any cause. So what is their benefit in providing premium themes free? Why do they provide us nulled themes? So, here are answers for all these questions.

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How Malicious Nulled Themes Are??

Malicious Nulled ThemesNulled themes are the themes which contain some code in its files which can harm your blog in different ways. Either that code can create do-follow backlinks to developer’s site without letting you know or it can give your confidential credentials to developers like admin user ID and password of your site. So, there is a risk of getting your site hacked.

Your site can be claimed by the developer of premium themes if you are using a nulled version of their premium theme. Google and any other search engines can ban your blog or site as a malicious site and they will stop ranking your pages on their search engines. Some antivirus software and plugins can block your site from their list. Even your host can also suspend your hosting account.

Who Is Prime Consumer Of Nulled/Hacked Themes?

Newbies are the main consumers of these nulled themes as they don’t want to spend much on their blog. If you have started earning then I will advise you to invest some amount on a good premium theme as your blog is going to give you handsome amount of money. At least investment in this field is least compared to other business. You can get premium themes in $20 – $5000 and so on depending on the theme you select. If you can invest more then you can higher a WordPress theme designer to design a unique theme for your blog or website.

Don’t Have Money To Purchase Premium Themes?

So, if you have not started earning money then you can go with free themes. The benefit of a premium theme is you will get lifetime support from developer team. In free themes, you don’t get much support but at least it won’t harm your blog or website. Once you start earning then you can spend at least $20-$30 for your theme.

One other option to get paid theme is – Try to participate in GiveAways events by pro bloggers. You can get premium products free by participating in it if you are selected.

I think now you won’t prefer any nulled themes. Will you? So, Now check your site using these free WordPress plugin if the installed theme contains any Malicious file or code.

Scan Your Site Thoroughly With These Free Plugins

  1. Exploit Scanner Plugin
  2. Theme Authenticity Checker
  3. Antivirus Plugin

Last Words

So, don’t be a fool and greedy. It’s our by default habit that we all like to have free stuff. But every time it is not the matter of our profit. Sometimes free things can harm our well-settled blog or site. So use genuine premium themes and step ahead towards the success of your blogging journey. Have fun and Happy Blogging. and yup one more thing! Don’t forget to share this post with your blog mates before nulled theme malice their blog. Do comment your advise and experience of nulled themes.

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  1. So good article. We always think that its our credit to hack premium theme for free. But we cannot think behind the scene of its. A developers need huge time to make a theme. So it’s illegal to hack a premium theme. Although we have free theme in the market. So why we use premium theme for free ?? Thanks to write your article on its.

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