The Minor Difference Between Queries And Keywords Which You Might Not Know

Keywords and queries are often used interchangeably

Are Queries and Keywords same thing or not?

Hey Guys, In This Guide I will tell you what are Queries and Keywords in Search Engine Optimization? Are you also confused between Queries and Keywords? Then don’t worry I will help you to understand the difference between these two.

There are many bloggers who are trying so hard to rank their blogs and website into search engine. In SEO, Keywords and Queries are not the same thing. There is a minor difference between these two terms. There are many bloggers who uses these two terms interchangeably which is not right. So in this post, I am going to show you the exact difference between Queries and Keywords.

What are Queries in Search engine Optimization?

Search Queries are the actual phrase that a user searches. Queries can be misspelled, out of order or anything. Suppose the user gives instruction to siri on iPhone to do something then it is query.   These all questions are much more detailed and include many fantastic words for which user are might search such as like “Best Nike Backpacks.”


As a Blogger or online marketer it is very hard for you to find out the exact queries which your users are typing in search engine. You can not restrict your users for this. So you should be ready to catch all the queries of your users with keywords while they search in search engine.

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What is Keyword?

The keyword is a central word for an individual web page. For SEO’s sake, it’s a best practice to limit the number of keywords per page to one. This ensures the most SEO value for your buck.  The only way to fulfill this is by creating keywords-rich content on the page as well as using properly meta description/meta titles, images file names, Permalink structure etc. If your business is selling backpacks, then your keyword is “backpacks,” not synonyms such as satchels, bookbags, or knapsacks. If you are using the synonyms, then you’re only going to confuse search engines which lead to the lower rankings.

So in a nutshell, we can say that Queries are for users and Keywords are for Blogger or Marketer. But this is not the complete truth. Queries are also useful for blogger because with the help of queries, blogger can find out the exact keywords and then he can use it in the article.

What’s The Difference Between Queries And Keywords?

The major difference between keywords and queries has to do with who is using them.

  • Users use Queries
  • Marketers use keywords

From this, we can say that so many users don’t know what keywords are. That’s not because all users are stupid but users generally do not know what the marketers are targeting. That’s why users type related things into the search box.

This same thing happens at the blogger or marketer’s end. They do not know what the queries their targeted audiences are typing into search engine. So they research all the queries to find out the good keywords.

How to Convert Keyword into Queries for Search Engine Traffic?

Keywords are based on the SEO analysis. Keywords are something which helps you to get higher ranking in the search results. But they are not the reality because they are used by you not by your users.

The most important question for marketer are: From which they can get more traffic? So the answer is very simple…

You can get the traffic from Queries because that is the only thing which your users are typing in the search engine. So you need to target queries and then find the best keywords from it.

How to find the Keywords from Queries?

So as of now, you must have a clear difference in your mind about queries and keywords. There are many successful bloggers who uses queries to find out the best keyword and then they write articles according to that keyword which they can rank. So let me show you how you can do the same thing for your blogs.

As a blogger, you might be aware with the awesome tool which is given by Google. Yes, I am talking about Google Webmaster Tool. This is the best tool to find out keywords from queries. To find out keywords, you just need to go to search traffic in Google Webmaster Tool. There you will find the list of queries which your users are searching. With the help of these search queries, you can find out your keywords.

The only problem which you will face with this tool is that you can only find the queries which your website user is searching for. But you should also find all the related queries.

This is another simple method is Google Suggestions. When we type in Google at that time, Google give us the suggestion for different related things. This is because of the powerful algorithm which is running behind the Google Search Engine.

As Example when you type How to Make the Google will display the following results:

 Google Search

So once you understand what types of queries are popular, you can easily target your queries to find out your keywords.

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How is it Woks?

So now as a marketer, you are having two options. The first option is to find targeted keywords and make them according to the user queries. The second option is to find what your users are searching and then find the keywords from it.

Let’s make an Example to understand both cases. As per first case your main keywords is like ‘Diwali’ then your queries are ready may be like this.

  • Diwali quotes
  • Diwali 2017
  • Diwali Shopping
  • Diwali Holidays
  • Diwali Wishes

Now let me show you the second case. You may give a try to use Google Webmaster tool and may find that your users are using query like ‘how to make blog’, Then your targeted queries can be

  • how  to make WordPress blog
  • how to make blog fast
  • how to make blog in 30 minutes
  • how to fashion blog


So we are all done!! With this post we have seen what are the main difference between queries and keywords and how can you take advantages from queries. I hope you like this post and do share it with your friends. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this topic. I would like to solve them. So feel free to comment.

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