Manual Installation of WordPress on Host

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and Content Management System. Because of the popularity of the WordPress, many hosting companies allow the user to install WordPress on their hosting account. WordPress installation is a piece of cake. Many hosting companies allow user to install WordPress into a few clicks using some scripts like Fantastico, Softaculous and some simple scripts. Though, today we are going to learn manual installation of WordPress on host. Because there are few benefits of manual installation of WordPress over one click installation. This can be stated as below:

  1. There is no need to use third party scripts in manual installation.
  2. When you install WordPress manually, you get latest version of WordPress.
  3. In the process of manual installation, server gets only correct files. No extra files are added to server.
  4. You have full control over the process.

So let’s start. In this post, I am using as an example to explain the steps. The process is quite same in other hosting company.

  • Download WordPress on your computer:

To start the process of installation, you need to download the WordPress from We recommend you to download the latest version of WordPress.

download wp


  • Create Database and User:

Now you need to create a database and assign one user to database who is having all the privileges to access that database. In order to create a database, you need to login into your cPanel account. After login into your cPanel, go to Databases -> MySQL Databases.


Then in the next page, go to create new database. In this field type a database name.

create_new_DatabaseAfter creating a database, you need to create a user. So to create new user, go to Add New User. Here you will create user and password. We recommended you to save this username and password as we will require this after some time.

userAfter creating a user, you need to add this user to database. This screen will look like below:

adduserClick add button to add user to the database. After adding this user to database, you need to give all the privileges to this user. So now select all privileges and then click make changes.


  • Upload WordPress file to your server

To upload previously downloaded file to your server, go to file manageràpublic_html. Then click to upload which will lead you to the File Upload page. Now click on choose file and select the WordPress file which was previously downloaded. When you choose files, uploading will be automatically started. It takes 1 to 2 minutes to upload.fileupload

After the process is finished, go back to public_html. Now extract the

file. Then go to WordPress and in it select all the files and move them into /public_html/.


Go through the installation process

Now go to your website. And in that page select language.


When you select the language, the on the next page will be welcome to

WordPress. In that page click let’s go button. This will lead to another page. In that page, fill the database name, username and password which you have already created in step 2 and then click to submit.


Now the next page will look like the below:


Click the run the install. This will redirect you to the following page. On this page give appropriate details.


After providing all the details, click on install button. This will lead to the following success page. From there you can login into your WordPress Dashboard.

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