Link Exchange : How Malignant It Is!!!

I want to rank my page on first page of the search engine? What should I do?

Solution: Build more links.

But how?

Solution: Try article marketing, guest posting, forum posting, link exchange programs,…..wait wait…..what is “Link Exchange”?

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Link Exchange Kis Chidiya ka Naam Hai?

Backlink exchange is kind of give and take relation which bloggers use for getting more links for a particular page. So that the particular page gets ranked in search results. Though there are many ways to create backlinks, people prefer this way for generation of backlinks as it is the easiest way.

In short, “If you will give me a link I will give one to you in return” – This is the concept of backlink exchange.

What is wrong with link exchange?

If you are following this trick blindly then it will harm your blog or site badly. So, exchange your link using some sense.

What it takes to increase your loyal readers? – Trust. Trust is the most important factor which helps you to have readers who will read your content regularly. If your content is great enough then your readers will trust you, the first time visitors will subscribe to your blog, because they trust you that the content provided by you will be true and factual. Now if you will add links to some untrustworthy sites that are having lower quality content then they will doubt your information as well.

So don’t give links to any hazardous sites which makes your readers questioning the quality of your blog. Google also says that “Excessive link exchanges could negatively impact your site’s rank in search results”.

Excessive and irrelevant links on your blog can spoil your blog’s impression for search engine. The readers which you will get from this program will read your content only if they find it interesting, unique and trustworthy. SO best way to get more viewers is to focus on content quality. We all know content is KING.

If your content power is high and you will create some genuine backlinks then nobody can stop your content to get viral.

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Alternatives of link exchange

The links you will get using this method is obviously going to be counted but the problem is sometimes you can get bad links from your blog which will create negative impression to readers and search engines.

So, you can use social media platforms to get more traffic to your site. It is one of the most used way to drive traffic. To attract users and search engine, focus on On Page SEO and quality of content. Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter and other social media are the biggest source for traffic. As most of the people are active on these platforms.

You should also make new relations with other bloggers to whom you can trust. You can exchange link with them as you can trust the person and content both.

In short, what ou need is qualified and unique article for blog. If you can create it then everything can be managed without connecting in this kind of illegal networks which can malice your blog. So, think twice before exchanging link blindly.

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