KickAss Advantages of Guest Posting

Guest Posting!!! There are many people out there who consider guest posting as a total waste of time. Are you considering the same? If your answer is yes, then you are wrong!! Yes, I am really sorry to say this. But you are wrong. Do you really want to know why? Then read on.

Nowadays, I am doing a lot of guest posting on various blog. I also allows guest posting on my blog as well. So am I doing anything wrong? Nope, I don’t think so. Now you must be thinking that what the hell I am talking about. Why should someone write a post for other blog? What are the advantages of this? Keep Calm, I am going to provide you all your answers in this post.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting simply means writing a post on someone else blog. There are many blogs on the blogosphere available for guest posting. All these blogs allow guest posting on there. If you are having a good writing skill and you are offering some values to those blogs they are happy to have you as their author on your blog. The only one thing which they are looking for is a quality content. So if you are having a good quality and you are ready to work hard then you can give a try for guest posting.

Here are some of the Kickass advantages of Guest Posting on popular blogs. By reading this Kickass Advantages I am sure that you will start guest posting on good blogs (if you are not doing it).

Advantages of Guest Posting

  1. Relationships: The main and biggest advantage of guest posting is by guest post you can build a good relationship with bloggers. Every blog and blog admin needs quality content. So if you are adding some values to their blog then they are ready to build a good relationship with you. Popular bloggers are very active on social media. They are having huge followers. So if you are able to build your relationship with them then it is your advantage also. By this way, you can attract new people also. If you have done a good post on someone’s blog then it is quite obvious that the blog admin will share good words for you. So by this way, you can make good relation with people.
  2. Backlinks: This is something which every blogger looks for. The guest post will fetch backlink for you. Most of the blogs give one or two dofollow backlink in return to your guest post. The backlink is the main factor for calculating many things like Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Alexa Rank etc. So having a huge backlink will help you to increase all this matrices as well. If you are having high quality backlinks then it’s very easy to rank in search engine. So by backlinks, you can gain good organic traffic also.

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  1. Popularity and Authority: This is one more and major advantage of guest posting. By guest posting, you are sharing your knowledge with already established community. There may be many people connected with that community. So chances are high that you gain more popularity if your content is good. By guest post, you also gain authority. If you are having a good authority on blogosphere then rest will automatically follows.
  2. More Traffic, More Subscribers: The last but not least advantage is by doing guest post on popular blogs you will get more traffic for your blog also. In the author bio, you provide link of your website while doing guest post. So if your guest post is good then the readers will also check your blog for more information about you. So it will help you to increase your traffic. The readers from this referral traffic will also like to subscribe for your blog. So by this way, you can get more traffic and subscriber.

So if you are still thinking that you should not do guest posts on other blogs and guest post is waste of time, then think one more time. Guest post is the golden way to create more backlinks. Even search engines like this way of creation of backlink. The guest post is the best way to interact with likeminded people. This will help you to drive huge traffic as well.

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