Interview with Versatile Blogger : Yogita Aggarwal

Yogita Aggarwal

So, after a long break, we are happy to publish one more interview on our blog with fashion blogger, Miss Yogita Aggarwal. She is from Faridabad. She started her first blog in 2009 with In 2012 she started her self-hosted blog So, let’s see how a fashion blogger manages tech blog as well and get some tips from her.

Mahezabin Malida: What do you love most about blogging?

Yogita Aggarwal: Blogging is not just a money making tool or a hobby but if you are consistent it gives you your own identity.  I started as a hobby blogger but now I am a well known blogger.  People know me with my name or with the names of my blogs; which might was not possible in my 9 to 5 job.

Blogging does not restrict me to sit for 9 hours and have one lunch break and then one tea break but it gives me so much of flexibility that no other profession might be able to give.

Mahezabin Malida: Can you tell our audience that which was that specific moment when you knew you want to make your career in blogging?

Yogita Aggarwal: Interesting question!

I am into blogging from many years but I started my first self hosted blog in 2013.  In 2013 and 2014, I explored the real potential of blogging and started making some money but later in 2015, I realized my blogs need most of my time to reach to another level, so I left my job to pursue my blogging career that I wanted to do from a  long time.  I left my job in July 2015 and from then till now I am living lavishing life of a blogger.

Mahezabin MalidaWhat are the most challenging and beneficial factors for a female while pacing their steps in the blogging world?

Yogita AggarwalBefore I talk much about this let me tell you –

I don’t see myself as a female blogger but a ‘One Man Army’.  There are certain problems those I faced in initial days and there are some those I am facing these days but those are not because I am a female blogger but because of not sufficient experience.

In blogging the most challenging part is to post content that attract readers and bring earnings to you but if you are dedicated to your work then these hurdles will not be able to stop you. Also if you are continuously moving in the right direction for sure you will be able to meet the targets you set for your life.

When it comes to talk about getting benefits as a female blogger, yes there are many. I started as a tech blogger but now I am the versatile blogger. I expanded my wings into fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, bollywood, food, self improvement and much more.

And another craziest fact is ‘Being a female blogger my social updates get huge  clicks and comments, By the way you should also check my all social profiles and blogs.

Facebook  – Tanya.garg60 , LetUsPublish , DreamTechie

Twitter – TanyaGarg60 , LetUsPublishCom, DreamTechie

Instagram – Yogita790 , LetUsPublish

Blogs – , and

Mahezabin MalidaWhat is the biggest risk you have taken in your blogging journey?

Yogita Aggarwal: Biggest risk that I have taken in my blogging journey is to start blogging full time and leaving my well paid job. And it’s been 9 months I am a super happy and a proud blogger.

Mahezabin MalidaAre there any new projects you’re working on and that you can discuss about?

Yogita Aggarwal: I started a new blog to target a particular niche. Also I am helping fellow bloggers and some brands in content marketing and in their branding activities.

Mahezabin Malida: What are you really or not very good at?

Yogita AggarwalI believe, my marketing skills are very good and my management skills need some really good homework. I am working hard to be the best of me.

Mahezabin MalidaWhat is your favorite quote?

Yogita Aggarwal: Well, there are many. But the recent one that I love is –

Work to make an Empire, not a chubby house.

Mahezabin MalidaWhat is your mindset which led you to your current position in blogging field?

Yogita Aggarwal: ‘My dedication and eagerness to achieve better every day’ is something that led me to be a star blogger.

Mahezabin MalidaWho has influenced you the most?

Yogita Aggarwal: Not particular person but the name and fame of people influenced me a lotJ. Success of fellow bloggers motivates me to achieve something big.

I have long way to go still and I will be keep walking till the day; I don’t need to give my visiting card to people to introduce me.

Mahezabin MalidaFor all the people out there struggling to find time to chase their dreams, how do you manage your time?

Yogita Aggarwal: There are many people who are struggling hard to chase their dreams and I believe everyone is different and everyone has different dreams. For people who are intelligent will not consider others as competitor but the fellow passengers of the same train.

I see myself as a confident me who is getting closer to her dreams with the every passed day.  To chase dreams, not only one has to be good time manager but dedication is equally required.

Mahezabin MalidaWhere do you find your inspiration for your posts?

Yogita Aggarwal: I write about trending stories and stories those are evergreen. LUP is so versatile, so there is no time when I have to think to post something on that, ideas automatically comes. For and I have to think, at times.

Mahezabin Malida: Who is the person that is fashion inspiration for you?

Yogita Aggarwal: I love dressing style of Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and Shilpa Sheetty. All 3 bollywood ladies are the most trending fashionistas for me and I follow their style.

Mahezabin Malida: What is your tip for TechiesBlogPoint?

Yogita Aggarwal: After seeing TechiesBlogPoint, I must say you people are working so hard which is so good. Keep doing the good work. Some of my advices –

  1. Spend more time on social profiles and use good quality of images while you post.
  2. Don’t give up ever; making money from blogging will take time so keep doing the good work.
  3. Do indulge videos, infographics, and PPTs in content for more engagement.
  4. Have patience, follow experts, read more and more blogs, learn SEO, be creative and be your own tutor.


It is our honour to have an interview of Miss Yogita Aggarwal on our blog. I would like to thank her from bottom of my heart for giving such an amazing answers for our questions. So, we will meet you again with same category- different personality and different questions. Till that time, stay connected with the community of Techies.

Happy Blogging….. 🙂


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