Meet This Selfmade Woman : Preet Sandhu

Preet sandhuIf you have a myth that only fashion bloggers can be stylish then you need to meet this personality. Today we are here with one of the most glamorous bloggers Preet Sandhu.

Preet Sandhu is from Chandigarh. She is very good content writer. She believes in independence. She is a selfmade woman who is her own boss. She is not only good at technical part, she is also having good styling sense. she possesses unique writing skill. She is the founder of the blog – BeforeBuyReviews.

She started her journey 2.5 years back with an online clothing store. Now she is one of the best female bloggers in India. So, read her views and tips in her own words.

Mahezabin Malida: How will you define “Blogging” to the person who doesn’t know anything about blogging?

Preet Sandhu: In my terms, blogging is all about writing your heart out on a topic you like the most and connecting to readers. (This is actually what blogging is all about).

Mahezabin Malida: Who is your favorite blogger and why?

Preet Sandhu: I am following Neil’s blogs since I entered blogging. I like his work and his approach towards his readers. I must say it’s commendable.

Mahezabin Malida: How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Preet Sandhu: Well Beforebuyreviews is one of my favorite blogs though I have many. 😉 I have fixed a schedule of my work every day. So it’s not difficult for me to run my blogs. For me, it’s my business so I can skip any other thing of my life but definitely not my blog.

Mahezabin Malida: How would you describe your blogging style?

Preet Sandhu: I do blogging freestyle. I love writing so I sit and write every day. That’s how I do things and I make sure I try to make them easy and yeah one more thing, my blogging style is I don’t make blogging HYPE just like some bloggers do.

Mahezabin Malida:  What is the greatest achievement in your life outside of blogging field?

Preet Sandhu: Satisfaction is my biggest achievement. I have declared myself as the boss. #IAmMyOwnBoss.

Mahezabin Malida: Is blogging  your profession or hobby?

Preet Sandhu: Blogging is my hobby which I have converted into a profession.

Mahezabin Malida: You are such a beautiful lady. Have you met any crazy reader of yours? What was the incident?

Preet Sandhu: Thanks for the compliment 🙂 but I have never witnessed such people in my career.

Mahezabin Malida: Where do you see yourself in next 5 yrs?

Preet Sandhu: I don’t want to see myself here and there as I don’t want to set limits. I just want to grow growww growww and growwww.

Mahezabin Malida: What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

Preet Sandhu: Blogging is a growing industry. Every day people are approaching me but after 3-4 months of showing interest, they just vanish (because they think blogging is magic n it creates $$$$ in no time) This is what frustrates me.

Mahezabin Malida: According to you what is the most effective social media strategy?

Preet Sandhu: Well, keep on sharing, posting and entertaining people with useful information. Also, if you have a good budget you can also go for paid traffic from social media.

Mahezabin Malida: Which social media do you target more?

Preet Sandhu: For online business, Facebook is the best social media platform (My own opinion).

Mahezabin Malida: How much time do u spend on blogging?

Preet Sandhu: There is no fixed time as I told u I am my own boss.

Mahezabin Malida: Can you tell some of your strengths which did help you in blogging?

Preet Sandhu: My writing skills are my biggest strength 😉

Mahezabin Malida: Which kind of environment do you prefer for work?

Preet Sandhu: Personal room #NoDisturbance best place to work from.

Mahezabin Malida: What do you do in your spare time except blogging?

Preet Sandhu: I go to the gym, spend time with my friends and family.

Mahezabin Malida: What inspired you to start a blog?

Preet Sandhu: One of my friends inspired me to do blogging.

Mahezabin Malida: What are your suggestions especially for TechiesBlogPoint?

Preet Sandhu: You guys are going good just make sure you supply quality articles to readers and make relevant links. 🙂

`Preet Sandhu So, I hope you all enjoyed our interaction with this beautiful blogger. At last, I hope some women will be inspired from her after reading this interview. I also feel that being a blogger has the advantage of working at your conditions keeping your readers in mind. You don’t have a boss to follow his instructions or fix time to work. So, chase your dream and #BeYourOwnBoss.

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  1. Best article. good conversation. This will surely inspire many of the women bloggers to start or continue thei blogging career and also your English is awesome go on. Best of luck.

  2. it was a nice reading about your opinions about blogging, your blogging style.

    Most important you are able to manage more than blogs very efficiently.

    yesterday i checked before buy reviews and found it very useful for checking the review before buying anything online.

    do let the audience know about your other blogs.

    i loved reading the interview till last.

    one last word……you have a good conversation skill too.

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