First Interview With Ahfaz Ahmed : A Blogger Chasing His Dream

Ahfaz Ahmed

If you are thinking you need rich experience and good investment amount to get success in blogging, then this guy is going to prove you wrong.

Yes, here is our first Techie for the rendezvous- A meeting with


Ahmed,  who believes that you need to have a strong determination to chase your dreams. If you have that quality then everything else will come to you. He is the inspiration for all young bloggers who sees less opportunity in this blogging world due to their young age and less experience. To know his goals and determination clearly we interviewed him and here it is….

Mahezabin Malida: What inspired you to start blogging at this young age?

Ahfaz Ahmed: First of all, I want to thank you for having me on your blog. It’s such a wonderful feeling and I don’t have any words to describe it.

The only thing that moved me was seeing people making money from blogging and online marketing. It is a very big industry with opportunities for everyone to succeed. You just need to find the right path and you’re set. This is what happened to me. I am lucky enough to learn about blogging at such a young age. It’s very difficult to turn yourself into a big brand. It could take years and I think I have an advantage of starting early.

Mahezabin Malida: What difference does it make having your brother (Iftekhar Ahmed) in the same field? Is he your competition or inspiration?

Ahfaz Ahmed: I learned a lot from him and his blog. He is not my competition. The reason behind this is that we both want to achieve the same goals so competing against each other will not help. Helping each other helps. 

Mahezabin Malida: Ahfaz name itself means Brave. You have also mentioned in your profile that one needs to take a risk for being successful. According to you what makes you brave enough to take risks?

Ahfaz Ahmed:The ability to face failure and criticism. That’s the only thing that will pull you down. If you pass these two barriers, you can try out many things and learn from them. It doesn’t matter if your goals are big or small, you just need to take some risks and see what happens.

Mahezabin Malida: Which kind of risks have you taken in your blogging life?

Ahfaz Ahmed: Well, honestly I haven’t taken any big risk yet. And I never call anything a risk. For me it’s just experimentation.

I recently experimented about influencer outreach. I reached out to an influencer and directly asked him for a tweet. If you look it from a different perspective, it will look like a big risk.


Because this could have ruined my reputation. But somehow, I managed to share my experience in an article to help others not to do the same mistake.

And this article was later shared by the same expert.


So whether you call it a risk or an experiment, I couldn’t have got my article shared if I didn’t try this.

Mahezabin Malida: Are you working on any upcoming ventures of yours? If yes, then can you give highlights about it?

Ahfaz Ahmed: Currently, I am just focusing on my blog. My goal is to grow my blog audience and share my internet marketing journey with them.

Currently, I am again trying an experiment. I will share this experience on my blog as soon my research is over.

Mahezabin Malida:  From your social profiles it clearly seems that you are strongly determined for being a successful entrepreneur. So, what future goal you have set to achieve your dream?

Ahfaz Ahmed: As I said in the previous question, my goal is to build my blog and establish myself as a big brand in the internet marketing industry.

The ultimate goal is to live the laptop lifestyle and prove to everyone that you don’t need to be a class topper or graduate from the best college. All you need is a dream and determination to fulfill your dream.

Mahezabin Malida: What is your greatest achievement you think you had in this short and succeeding blogging journey?

Ahfaz Ahmed: Well it’s awesome when you contribute articles on other blogs. I recently contributed to Jeff Bullas’s website . His blog is very famous and getting your article published there is a great feeling.

But now I am focusing on some big guns and trying to contribute on bigger websites.

As I am new in this industry, I haven’t achieved a lot yet. These are my small achievements.

Mahezabin Malida: According to you what your friends will say about you?

Ahfaz Ahmed: My friends have always been supportive. They always say things like “You will become a successful blogger”. And it’s very happy to be motivated when you’re doing something different.

Not all people are supportive when it comes to following your dreams and having friends who are supportive means a lot to me.

Mahezabin Malida:  What is the most Motivating Quote for you?

Ahfaz AhmedAs I am a big fan of Skrillex, I love his quote:

Obstacles are opportunities to create something new.

Whenever you feel demotivated or something is stopping you from achieving your goals, use those obstacles as opportunities and do something different.

Mahezabin Malida:  What is the most annoying thing for you?

Ahfaz Ahmed: Short articles. Everyone knows that Google loves longer articles and still people focus on creating small articles and expect it to rank on Google.

You need to put in some effort to get results. Otherwise you will not get what you want. I love extremely detailed content with actionable tips and I always focus on that as well.

Mahezabin Malida:  As you are interested in graphics as well, do you design all your images for your blog at your own?

Ahfaz Ahmed: Yes, as a matter of fact I started my blogging journey in the graphic design industry.

I wasn’t able to work on it because of my school studies so I had no choice but to abandon the blog. I also lost the interest to write about graphic design because I didn’t know much about it.

I love creating graphics and I create graphics myself. It takes time but I think it’s worth it.

Mahezabin Malida:  You are earning handsome amount at this young age, for what do you splurge it most?

Ahfaz Ahmed: Well, I am not earning a lot these days. Since my blog is new, my keen focus is grow it.

Mahezabin Malida:  Who has been your inspiration from when you had your first step in blogging?

Ahfaz Ahmed: I always loved to read Neil Patel’s Quicksprout. His blog helped me learn the basics. I also love to watch Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday videos. Those are always helpful.

Just recently I discovered Tim Soulo’sBloggerjet and I am in love with his content. I’ve learned a lot from him. The best part is that he never publishes any random articles.

He tests things out first and then shares his experience. And this is what I love the most about him.

Mahezabin Malida:  What do you do in the time when you are not doing blogging?

Ahfaz Ahmed: Well when I don’t do blogging, I am probably having a meal or dinner because most of the time I am working on my blog writing articles or reading other blogs.

But apart from blogging, I love music. Especially dubstep music is my favorite. I listen to Skrillex a lot and I am probably his biggest fan in India I think.

Mahezabin Malida:  A blogging tip you would like to give young age entrepreneur for whom you are their idol.

Ahfaz Ahmed: Don’t just start a blog without thinking. Do a proper keyword research, competitor analysis and then start a blog.

And the most important thing is that you should start a blog on something you love to write about. If you fail to do this, you will lose interest for your blog in the long run and will stop working on it.

And if you already started a blog, write EPIC content. Write articles as if your whole life is depending on it. And then promote the hell out of it.

Interview- Ahfaz Ahmed

Mahezabin Malida: What are your suggestions especially for TechiesBlogPoint?

Ahfaz Ahmed: You guys are doing awesome work. Just create great content and promote it. Try out different things and see what works for you.

This will help you at every stage because this will let you have a better understanding of your blog audience. I saw that you guys are building an email list. To grow your list even faster, start using content upgrades. I am sure that will help you.

And keep rocking and thanks again for having me. I wish you best of luck for all your future endeavors.

At last, I would like to thank Mr. Ahfaz for giving us his precious time and answering all the questions. As he said, he had not achieved a lot in this field, but from his answers and his perception towards blogging, I know he will achieve a great place in this field. Have happy chasing to your dreams Mr. Ahfaz and all our readers.

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