How To Improve Goggling Skill [Proven Tricks]

What is your favourite search engine? The answer of this question is Google. It is very obvious thing. We are using Google every day. The usage of Google as a search engine increases day to day. We use it to find everything which is on internet. We use Google in variety of ways. If we want to find some small thing then we go for Google. Even if we are doing research, we go for Google. So in short, we use Google to find each and everything from the internet. But are you using it efficiently? Many times we spend so much time on searching and then also we are not able to find the appropriate content. This is the big problem for all of us. We have faced this problem while googling. So In this post, I am going to tell you methods for searching by which you can improve your googling skill drastically. Once you know some shortcuts then it will be very easy for you to search proper content on Google.

In this post, I will give some tricks which will help you to enhance your googling skills and save lots of time. So read it and keep practising such tricks. This will surely help you to get most accurate results.

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How to Improve Your Googling Skill?

How to find any Definition fast?

Whenever you want to find any definition on Google, you need to type your query in the following way:


By this way, you can find the definition of any word easily. This will save lots of time of yours. If you use this way then you can also hear the pronunciation of that word also but single click. Let’s see one example.


 How to perform calculation in Google?

This is the second googling trick. We all need calculator for large calculation. We can use Google for that. Just type calc or calculator in Google and you will get one calculator. You can do the same as the real calculator.

If you want to find answer of some equation then you can write it directly in Google and get your answer.


How to find temperature details of any location?

If you want to find temperature details of your current location then you just simply need to write temperature. To find temperature details of some specific location, you need to type temperature location. To find the temperature details of your current location, your location should be enabled. Otherwise you cannot find it properly.


How to find any conversions fast?

We need to convert some value in some other form like we need to convert dollar into RS, miles into Kms. So to do this fast, you can use to or in between two quantities.

For example: If we want to convert Dollar in Rs we can search like this: dollar in rupees.


How to find information from other website using Google?

Sometimes we need some information from some website. If we directly go to the website for search then it will take some time. But by using this simple googling technique, you can do it much faster. For that, you need to write your query like this: site:sitename thing you want.

For example: If you want C tutorial from then you can write your query like this: c tutorial.


How to find the exact phrase from Google?

If you randomly search anything then you cannot get desired results from Google. So to get desired result while searching from Google, you should write your query in quotation mark. By this goggling tip, you can find your desired result very fast.


How to request file type by its extensions in Google?

Many times we want to download some files from Google. To find the proper file, we spend so much time and energy. But now with the help of this awesome googling tip, you can find any file with any extension very easily. The file which you find, you can download it directly. So by this way, you can save lots of time.

For example: Suppose you want to find the ppt related to PHP and MYSQL, so you just need to write like this: php mysql filetype:ppt. By changing the extension, you can find all the other files and download it.


How to find related sites on Google?

Sometimes we are having interest in some specific site. To find the related sites from Google, you just need to write the query like this: related:sitename. This will show you all the sites which are related to give website. This way, you can find the sites in which you are interested.


How to specify range with in Google search?

Sometimes when we want to buy something, we specify range. If we specify the range properly in Google then we can easily find any product in specific range. By this goggling tip, you can increase your search speed easily.


So there are many such googling tricks out there by which you can find the desired information very fast. The more tricks you know the more fast you can search anything. It is all about practise. If you practise this tricks well then you can save your great amount of time. If you apply the above-mentioned goggling tricks then I am sure that you can find the desired information in less time.

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