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Are you facing difficulties in English Writing? Do you want to improve your writing skill? If the answer of any of the above question is yes, then here is a tool which helps you to improve your writing skill. As we know that, English writing is an essential part of our day to day life. In our daily life we write Emails, do chatting with friends, write a post, etc. So we deal with English writing daily. If your English writing skill is not good, then there are high chances that you face lots of trouble in personal and professional work. So if you want to improve your English, then you need to do something. There are many online tools available online by which you can enhance your writing skill. Among all those tools Grammarly is the best tool.

Grammarly is the world’s best online Grammar checker tool. This tool is very useful to find out any kinds of mistake in your writing. This error can be a silly mistake like the use of “that” instead of “those”. The best thing about this tool is it helps you to correct any mistake within a minute. So it is very fast.

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How Grammarly works?

The use of Grammarly is very easy. Any layman person can use this tool very effectively and improve his writing skill. You don’t need any technical expertise to use this tool. So let’s go through the process step by step.

  1. Create your account with Grammarly.
  2. After creating your account, you need to login to your account. Once you have logged in, the following screen will appear.Grammarly-home
  3. Now to upload your article, you can press the upload button. Alternatively, you can press a new button and copy paste your article there.
  4. Once you have uploaded your article, Grammarly checks your article and proofread it.
  5. Within a minute, it can proofread your entire article.
  6. After that, you can see the below screen.Error In Grammarly
  7. Now you just need to replace the words which are wrong with the right words. So just go to right side of the Grammarly and start doing this.
  8. So by this way, you make sure that your article is error free and easy to read.

Versions of Grammarly

There are two versions of Grammarly available for everyone. The basic version is free which has some limited functionality. The premium version has many more features than the free version. You can buy premium version anytime. The cost of premium version is $11.6/month if you choose the premium version of the Grammarly. This price is worth for the functionalities provided by premium tool.

How to get Grammarly

There are three ways to get Grammarly to improve your writing skill. Google Chrome Store is having the extension of the Grammarly. So you can download the extension and use it. In a second way, you can go to the website of this tool and edit your articles online. In a third way, you can get its desktop application from its website and use that application to edit your articles. So this is very flexible service. You can choose any method as per your need.


  1. The right tool for Grammar checking: There are many tools available on the internet for grammar checking. But not all tools are accurate. So the main feature of Grammarly is its accuracy. It is very accurate in checking and correcting grammar.
  2. Plagiarism detection: We know that if our content is plagiarized, then that type of content is of no use. So Grammarly provides plagiarism checker to detect plagiarism in content. So by this tool, you can check and reduce plagiarism.
  3. Vocabulary Enhancements: The English vocabulary is very wide. So it’s not possible for human being to know each and every word of English. So this tool provides vocabulary enhancement functionality to enhance your writing. For that Grammarly gives you different suggestions for words. You can choose the most appropriate word from that.
  4. It is an online tool: This is an online tool. So you can use it from anywhere. You don’t need your laptop with you. You just have to your account of Grammarly with you. So you can use it from anywhere and anytime.
  5. Explanation of Rules: This is again an astonishing feature of Grammarly. If you have made any mistake then you can see the explanation related to that grammar rule. So you can read it and learn rule. By this way, you learn grammar and do not repeat the same mistake again.
  6. Free version: As I mention earlier, there are two versions of Grammarly. The free version is also very useful for writers. So you can always first try on the free version and then upgrade to its premium version.
  7. 100% money back Guarantee: If you purchase the premium version of Grammarly, and if you are not satisfied with its functionality then you can get your 100% money back. But the condition is that you need to shout this within seven days. So it is highly reliable service.

So there are many features of this tool. Now you might be thinking that is there any cons of this tool? Yes, there is only one problem with Grammarly. You need an internet connection to proofread your article. This tool does not have an offline version of it. So you need to have an Internet connection.

So now you have a clear idea about what is Grammarly and why you need to use it. I am also using Premium version of it to proofread and improve the quality of my article. This is very useful tool. If you are serious about your profession and want to improve your writing skill, then you should give a try to it. There is a free version available so you can start with the free version and then once you are familiar with it, then you can upgrade to premium version. The monthly fee of the Grammarly is worth to pay for its functionality. So start using Grammarly from today and improve your writing skill.

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