How to check if the website is built with WordPress

As we all know that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world. In this era, around 25% of the website is built on the WordPress platform. There are tons of websites and blogs which are using WordPress as CMS. So as a human being we may have a question like can we check the website which we stumble upon is build on WordPress? And if yes then how can we check this. So in this post, I am going to show you some very useful tricks to check whether your favourite website is using WordPress or not.

So what are the benefits of knowing this? Let me elaborate the benefits first. So following are the benefits:
As you know, WordPress is widely used CMS in this era. So if a website is running on a WordPress then defiantly it has a very good back end and also its functionality is very good.

We are human beings. So we all have some curiosity. Suppose you stumble upon on some website and you liked some features of that website, so you may want to know that if such website is possible to create with WordPress.
Suppose you are a Web Developer and you want to use the same functionality of some websites into your websites. So if the website which you liked is built with WordPress then there is a high probability that the functionality which you like is due to plugging and themes. So you also use the same plug-in and themes for your website.
There are 4 simple ways to check if the website is built with WordPress or not:

1. By just looking in the website
2. By using some links
3. By using some external website
4. By using The Web Browser extensions

By just looking in the website:

1. “Powered by WordPress”: this is the simplest and obvious way. Just go to the website’s footer end search for the phrase like “Powered by WordPress”.

powered by wordpress

2. Source code spying: in this method, just check the source code of the website. In source code if you are able to see “we-content” then that website is surely built on WordPress.

source code spying

By using some links:

1. By using “wp-admin”: Enter the links as follows domain name/wp-admin. This link will redirect you to the WordPress login page which shows like this:


2. By using “readme.html”: Some WordPress installation is coming with readme.html file which provides all the information about WordPress version and how to use WordPress. Enter the link as follows: domain name/readme.html. This link will redirect you to the following page.


3. By using “License.txt”: Some website may have removed this file. But you may get the license page of WordPress by appending License.txt to a domain name.


By using some external websites:

There are many websites which find the technologies behind the website. Following are some of the websites:

1. Builtwith.com: this is one of the popular websites which does the same thing. Just input the URL of the website on which you stumble upon. I am giving you the example of “wordpress.org” itself. But you can use any website for the same.


And if the website is using WordPress as its CMS then you will find something like following in the next page.


2. isitwp.com: this is very simple website which is used to check if the website is using WordPress CMS or not. Type the URL of website in the search field and click next.


If the website is built on WordPress platform then this will give you the page which looks like the following:


And if the website is not built with WordPress then it will give you message “Bad news everyone, this website is not using WordPress”.

By using Browser Extensions: By using Browser Extensions:

This is the easiest method to check if the website is using WordPress as its CMS or not.

1. Chrome Sniffer: in Google Chrome, this extension is used to check the technology behind any website. Just install this extension and you can check the technology which is used behind any website.

chrome sniffer

If you find the WordPress symbol on the right side of the search bar, then the website is built on WordPress platform.
In Mozilla Firefox, similar work is done by builtwith extension.

2. Wappalyzer: by using this extension you can check the technology behind any website. Just add this extension and you are able to see the technology behind any website.


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