Hosting Companies: Top 10 Names of 2016

If you are going to step in the blogging world, you are at right place. Because to start you blog you need to have a reliable host. Selecting appropriate host is not a big thing but selecting from N number of hosting companies is quite crucial. Sometimes, selecting the best hosting company becomes headache for a serious blogger. If you have missed in selecting proper host for your WordPress site then you can’t run some of the WordPress softwares smoothly.

Before I list out the best companies let me tell you which points to be considered.

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While Choosing Best Hosting Companies…

  • Your selected hosting company should provide good technical support as WordPress is memory hungry platform.
  • For speed and latency of your blog, you need to consider the geographical location of the servers of the company.

1. InMotion

One of the best hosting companies and one of the best performers is InMotion. They have an award-winning technical support. Their customer support is also excellent. They provide many optimized plans for beginners and all these plans have unlimited email feature. They promise a 99.99% uptime too. Feature-based development tools are also provided by them to build a website. But there are two problems : one is that they don’t work on windows servers and that is why they can not compete to hosts like BlueHost and HostGator. And the second is their pricing. They might be a great choice for the organization but everyone can not afford it.

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy are the biggest registrars in the world and one of the best too. They provide unlimited storage space and that too at a reasonable price. So, it becomes one of the most affordable hosting services. Their uptime is also very good and the services they provide are of the high standards. They are one of the most secure hosts too. They provide malware protection, DDos protection etc. Their annual plans are also good. But the problem with GoDaddy is that they do not provide email services in the packages. It has to be purchased.

3. DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the oldest and best in the market. The best part about it is you get a domain for free. They are secure and performs backup daily. Monthly data transfer is also a good feature. It provides unlimited storage, unlimited email and SSD’s which makes your site 200% faster. They also provide WordPress updates and one-click installation. The biggest advantage of using it is that they are already managing a huge number of sites and blogs. So, they have proven their metal. But the limitation is that the number of domains is going to be limited.

4. HostGator

It is very popular amongst beginners. It is a smart choice for them too because their plans are affordable. Plus they offer 24*7 customer support and 99.99% uptime. One-click wordpress installation is also there. These services are very rare to find at the price they provide. They might not be as fast as others but still not a bad choice if you are just starting. They are certified green web hosts. They are eco-friendly. They store the energy using wind energy. So, it makes a good impact on customers. Still they have to improve their customer support a little bit.

5. Arvixe

Their hosting plans are divided into five categories: Personal, Business, Reseller , VPS and Dedicated. This is the best part about them as we can upgrade as the business grows. Their customer support is excellent. They provide unlimited storage and monthly data transfers. Like other companies, they also offer 99.99% uptime. Unlimited email, live chat are some other features they provide.  So, this is a complete web hosting service in every manner. Only problem with them is that they limit the number of domains.

top 10 hosting companies

6. SiteGround

They are a very well recognized web hosting company. They integrate with CloudFlare to improved security and reliability. They are one of the few companies that have 3 data centers. They are located in USA, Europe and Singapore. They provide location specific hosting. But they have disadvantages too. They do not provide unlimited storage or bandwidth. The reason why they do not provide unlimited storage is very simple. They provide high speed and uptime which is most important for any website. The security of SiteGround is Top Notch. So you don’t need to worry about security of your site. If you want speed and good performance then you should go for the SiteGround Hosting only.

7. BlueHost

You can say one of the oldest and one of the simplest hosting servers. They have a very simple and attractive user-interface that attracts beginners. Their plans are good and one-click services are very useful too. Although they do not guarantee about their uptime but its still good. Your site won’t be slow and can handle huge traffic. But still they lack support for windows based servers and few important features that other hosting companies have. But still an excellent choice for starters.

8. Media Temple

This is WordPress hosting without worries. They provide daily backups, WordPress updates, 24*7 customer support etc. They let you host more than one domains. They are a customer focused organization and that is what attracts customers. But the drawback here is that they lack windows servers support. Some plans are costly too. They have been tried to hack few times so a customer will think once before using them, Otherwise they are quite nice.

9. Pagely

They are one of the small but growing hosting platforms. They handle daily backups, updates and all technical stuff of WordPress. Their architecture is powered by Amazon cloud.  Many big brands trust them for their services. But for a normal user, they are very costly. They do not provide money back guarantee. They don’t have support too. So, they have services of high standards but they are very limited and that is why Pagely is not in the top most platforms.

10. WPEngine

WPEngine is WordPress hosting service. Their servers are fast and secure. It will not be easy to hack your site if you are using this. They provide daily backups, automatic updates, security and many more services. But one drawback is that their plans are too expensive for a normal user. A user who is not targeting a huge traffic for his/her blog should not use this. It is only for business sites or blog which are handled by organizations. It’s still good for people who wants to use WordPress to make the most of their sites.

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top 10 Hosting Companies

So, these were some of the best and recognized WordPress hosting services available in the industry. Every host has its advantages and disadvantages. So, a user must select a host according to his/her needs and what benefits his/her blog.

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