Host Your Static Websites With Google Drive

Hello, Techies!!! Hope you all are doing well with your blogs. After some articles of hosting your blog or dynamic websites on various hosts, I have come up with a complete guide to Host Your Websites With Google Drive. If you want to have a static website which is not going to be updated frequently and requires less amount of space on the host then here is the best option for you guys – Google Drive.

So, Are you ready to Host Your Static Website With Google Drive which provides 15GB of space free??

Then what are you waiting for??? Follow this step by step guide and have your website of a small business, portfolio, CV or any other niche on Google Drive.

  • I consider, you all have your Gmail account. So, login to Google Drive using that account. If you don’t have the sign up in Gmail and get one.
  • Once you are logged in then you need to create a new folder, and for that click on NEW and then select FOLDER from the shown options. You can refer to the snapshot shown here.


  • Now name your folder and then click on create. I have named it “my new website”.

Name Your Folder

  • Select the folder you just created and then click on share “my new website”(you will see name of your folder in quotes).

Click on Share button

  • Now one popup box will appear on your screen click on advanced.

Select Advanced

  • We know that our folders are saved privately on Google Drive. So, we need to change that setting from private to public as we want to display our website publicly. Click on Change.

Change Visibility Settings

  • Now you will get choices and select the first option which is On- Public on the web. 

Now you are done with creating folder. You have to place content like HTML, JavaScript, Audio, Video, CSS files of your website to this newly created folder. So, follow some more steps to add your site content to the folder.

  • Open the folder you created.

Open Newly Created Folder

  • Now you need to select all the files you want to upload on your host and drag them here in this folder. This uploading may take time depending on file size.
  • After completion of uploading process you need to copy the folder Id which starts after drive/folders.

Copying Folder ID

  • Now open new tab and type googledrive.com/host/PASTE THE FOLDER ID and then press ENTER.

Pasting Folder ID in URL

  • This URL will redirect to https and your wesite is live on Google Drive.


  • So, finally you got your website live on Google Drive and URL of your Website is……!!! OMG!!!! Have a look. It’s too long to remember.

URL of Your Website

  • What if you want to share this URL with your friends, your clients or anyone else. okay…okay….Don’t be panic. Here is solution. Have your own domain, either free or paid. Here is the process to get your free domain.

There are many service providers that provide free domain. You can choose any. Here we will go with dot.tk.

Let’s follow this quick steps to have your own catchy, relevant and free domain name.

  • Open the site dot.tk in new tab.

Layout of dot.tk site

  • Here you can enter the domain name of your choice and check availability. The extension for your domain name will remain .tk as it is free domain. Let us try for learnc .

Domain Availality

  • It is showing that requested domain is available. So now let’s proceed further.

Registering the Domain Name

  • Now copy your long and ugly URL to the text box which is containing http:// over there. Select the duration for which you need this domain and enter the captcha.
  • You have to sign up now.

Sign Up

  • Now you can share your domain name using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Share Your URL

  • After 10 to 15 minutes you can check your website with your custom domain. Here I will check it with learnc.tk.

Site with your custom domain name

Now What if you want standard domain name with .com, .in, .uk, .edu or .org extensions???

Then you will have to buy it from the Domain Service Provider. Here we will go with GoDaddy and have a look at its login page. We will follow this step only for GoDaddy. Steps may vary for different Domain Service Provider.

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  • Select Domains from the choices. Go to Manage and select Manage forwarding. We will manage the domain learnc.com.

GoDaddy Login Page

Managing Domain

  • As you will select the manage option from above screen you will get the screen as shown below and here again select the manage option.

managing domain

Forwarding and Masking

  • Click on ADD FORWARDING after getting above page. Then you will get the layout shown below in which you are supposed to paste your long and ugly Website URL in FORWARD TO textbox.


forward to

  • Now the matter is how you want to redirect your website to this domain name permenantly or temporary?
  • Select 301 for permanent redirection and 302 for temporary redirection. Right now I will go with temporary redirection.

Temporary or Permanent

  • Now you will have the following Screen.

Forward and Masking

  • Click on save.
  • At this stage you need to tell your domain service provider that you are trying to host your website using google drive using customized domain.They will share a pointing IP with you. You have to put that under DNS zone file and the propagation will take about 48 hrs.

DNS Setting

Now do wait For 48 hours and your website will be live with your custom domain name.

So, Let me know if you have successfully hosted your website with Google Drive using this guide. If you are facing any problem then feel free to contact me via comment or you can also mail me at the email mentioned in my bio.

Sejal Harsoda

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