Go With Viral Content Using These Splendid Tools

Tools?? Of course, you will need some tools which can help you in the creation of a masterpiece.

What can be a masterpiece for a blogger?

Yes, A content which can go viral….isn’t it?

You will need some helping hands for that right? From the selection of topic, title analysis, image selection, and in many other things.

I will list some tools which will help you in every stage of your journey to create a viral content.

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So ready to make your masterpiece (Viral Content)?


Here are the tools which will help you for your masterpiece.

So, using these tools in order will help you to make your task easy. Try if you can follow the order


This tool will help you finding most trendy and hot topic of current time. No matter for whatever nice you are finding topic, you will get it at ALLTOP.

ALLTOP Screenshot

The other tool which can help you in finding interesting topic is


Buzzsumo lets you search links related your keywords. You have to enter a keyword for which you want to write your article and then it will show you the results. You can filter these results as per you requirements.

Using Buzzsumo you can get the most shared content and trending content as well. For more features you can go with pro version.

Here I have entered keyword “Data mining” and the results are…

BuzzSumo Screenshot

You can filter, how much old content you want to have in your search result.


It is a search engine which will show what people are talking about the keyword you have entered on Twitter.

Topsy for viral content

So, by using these all tools you might have got your topic to write. Now comes keyword research. So, here are your helping hands for that task.

4. Google Search Engine

It is easy and most of you know how to use this tool. Enter your keyword and go to the end of page. You will get similar searches list and there you can find some long tail keywords related to your article. To maintain the density of keyword, you should use similar words of your keywords.

Google Search engine

Here I have entered keyword “horror movies”. and these are the long tail keywords.

You will need to make your headline catchy…

All of your readers will read your headline first that is an obvious fact. To create a viral content, your headline should be catchy. 85% of your readers will decide to read your content only from your headline. So why not to make it interesting and attractive?

There are several tools which help you in making emotionally attractive headlines.

You can use Coschedule.

other tool I would like to prefer is a tool by Advanced Marketing Institute.

This tool I have already mentioned in my previous post which you can read here….

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Your content should have good readability and attractive fonts.

for this purpose also you have helping hands so no need to worry. and here are your helping hands.


Hemingwayapp will help you to make your sentences simpler.

This will highlight the complex part of your content. According to error it will highlight the content with different colors. The details are mentioned in the below screenshot which is taken from the home page of its official site.

hemingwayapp for viral content

Now your content also contains images as well. So what you can do for that???

 These can help you. Have a look.


This tool is helpful to create simple images and other visuals for your blog. You need to sign up to use this tool and it’s easy to use.

Pixlr is also one tool recommended by most of the bloggers.

If you have photoshop skill then it’s like icing on a cake. You don’t need to use other tools.

Still there are many tools which can help you in creating viral content. I will add them after trying them. So, bookmark this post for more update. More helping hands are yet to come. So wait. You can help me in updating by giving your suggestion via comment. feel free and let us know which tools you are using for making your content viral.


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