First Step towards SEO: How Search Engine Works

How to improve the website rank in search engine? This is the most important question every website owner may have. Whenever any person types a query in search engine, the search engine will show only those results which are authenticated and relevant to the query. So how one can improve the website rank in search engine? The answer is quite simple.A website owner can improve rank by applying proper SEO.

SEO is a strategy which is used to improve the visibility of a website in the search engine. By applying proper SEO one can drive a huge traffic to his website. So the SEO is the must for any website owner. But before understanding SEO, one should know how a search engine works.

How Search Engine Works?

The Internet is the most basic need of human in today’s world. There are a hundreds of millions of pages available on the WWW. So it is obvious that we may get confused while searching the specific topic. So there are special sites on the web that are designed to help people to find more relevant content easily. This special site is known as the search engine. There are many search engines available. Some of the popular search engines are Google, Yahoo,, etc. There are some differences in the working of all of this search engine, but they all perform 3 basic tasks:

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking and Retrieval


This is the first step where all it begins. By crawling, the search engine finds everything about any website – its pages, content, keywords, images, links to another website etc. To do this search engine has its own spiders that going around the WWW and find new URLs and content. Search engines are using some advanced program which allows spiders to find new URLs and content on WWW.  First spiders go to any website and then it will search for the robots.txt file. These spiders crawl all the content of the website and make one copy of it.


After that, the spider sends this copy to the search engine and stored in a data centres. Data centres are a huge collection of the server which will store the copies sent by spiders. This data centres may spread across the world but they are connected with each other. Indexing is the process of organizing data so that they can search quickly. By process of Indexing, we are able to retrieve relevant content. When we fire any query in search engine, we are not searching entire WWW. We are searching index of the search engine, so we are able to get the expected result.

Ranking and Retrieval:

The final step of any search engine is ranking. It is the most important aspect of the engine. Each search engine has its own set of algorithm to give ranking to the content. When we search anything in the search engine the most relevant content will display. This relevancy of content is decided by the search engine based on the ranking. This process seems complex, but in the search engine it just takes a few seconds.

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