Features of WordPress 4.5 Version with Screenshots

The most popular content management system WordPress is known for its upgrades. The frequency of WordPress updates is quite high as compared to other CMS. WordPress 4.5 is officially released, named ‘coleman’ to honor the jazz musician Coleman Hawkins. The Key persons behind this lead are Mick Schroder, Adam Silverstein, and Mel Choyce. Along with them, there are 296 contributors who have given their valuable time and help to release this new version. In this article, we will show you the exciting features of WordPress 4.5. At the end of this post, we will suggest you some of the features which you should try on your website.

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  • Site Logo

The Logo is the identity of any website. There are many premium themes which allow the user to add logo directly from customizer, but there were no such standards. But with WordPress 4.5, a user can add a logo from the customizer. So the process of addition of logo becomes simpler in WordPress 4.5. Again remember one thing, this is theme’s feature, so if your theme is not providing such feature, then you cannot be able to do it. But standard default themes and popular theme will start using this feature to help the user. To upload a logo from customizer, you can go to customizeràsite identity.

logo image

  • Improved preview of site icon

Site icon was introduced in WordPress 4.4. This feature allows the user to add the favicon to their site. In the WordPress 4.4, you only can see the preview when setting the image. But WordPress 4.5 comes with a slight improvement in it. In WordPress 4.5, you can see the preview in the site identity panel also.

SIte Icon

  • Responsive Previews of Website from Customizer

The website should be responsive. Before publishing content, the webmaster should check the responsiveness of the website. Before WordPress 4.5, you need to use some browser extensions, some tools or adjust the size of the browser to test the responsiveness. With WordPress 4.5, you can check the appearance of the site on various screens directly from your customizer. This will reduce the time and efforts both.

Preview image

  • Improvement in comment moderation screen

By WordPress 4.5, you can easily manage your comments. Before WordPress 4.5, you cannot edit comment. The comment also shows some HTML tags. But by WordPress 4.5, these HTML tags are removed, and you can easily see the comment. You also can edit the comment.

Comment Image

  • Improvements in visual editor

Most of the Webmaster spends their time on writing the content in the editor. So the editor should be such that the user will able to write content fast and efficiently. For this WordPress enhances its editor with each new updates. The following are the enhancement in the editor with WordPress 4.5:

  1. Inline Link Editing

Every webmaster wants to link his pages with each other. By WordPress 4.5, the linking process becomes very easy. To link the pages in the visual editor, you just need to click the standard link button. After this, a field will automatically appear which will allow you to paste the link or search for the required link in your website.

link image

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  1. New Shortcuts

We all need shortcuts to speed up the editing of the post. The shortcuts were introduced from WordPress 4.3. In WordPress 4.5, the following two new shortcuts are added:

  1. By 3 or more dashes you can add a horizontal line in the post.
  2. To add code to your post, you just need to write those content within ` `.
  • Log in with Email

Many online services like Facebook, Linkedin, etc. allows a user to login with the email address. People have many accounts so it is obvious that people may forget their username, but usually, they don’t forget their email address. So by WordPress 4.5, you can login into your account with email also.

login image

  • Important

At the time of writing this post, we have observed that many bloggers are facing one or the other problems with the new version of WordPress. So we recommend you that first you should take your backup and then go for the new version or wait for stable updates. Make sure you do not upgrade your version in the hurry otherwise it may create some problems.

In the end, we suggest you try all the new features of WordPress 4.5. By this feature, you can increase your efficiency. We have tried to cover all the new features of WordPress 4.5. Still if you know more features, feel free to share it via a comment. Share this article with your friends also so that they also can use the latest features of WordPress 4.5.

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