How I have Doubled My Traffic On TechiesBlogPoint

Blogging is the art of sharing knowledge. Blogging is the best way to share and explore knowledge in this world. With the help of blogging, we can interact with like-minded people. Many people are doing blogging. When any newbie starts his career as a blogger, the first difficulty he faces is traffic. We have seen many bloggers who are complaining about the traffic. So in this post, I am going to secret by which I have doubled my traffic on TechiesBlogPoint.

Whenever blogger post something new, he expects a good amount of traffic to it. We all expect some or the other amount of money from our blog. For that, we will apply for different ad network, affiliate marketing, sponsored post etc. But if you are not getting good amount of visitors then any of the following way to monetize your blog will not work. So to generate a good amount of money from your blog, you should get great amount of traffic.

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Remember one thing, the more you get traffic, the more you will earn money. So traffic is very essential for any blogger. There are many cases in which person starts blogging with great enthusiasm but after certain period of time due to low traffic, he lose the hope and quite the blogging. If you are not having passion then blogging is not for you. You need to apply different hacks and check which way will work for you and which not.

In the past few months I was also getting very low traffic. I only got pageviews around 1000 or 1200. But I have not given up. I keep on trying different things. With one or the other try I got 5000+ pageviews. So in this post I will share the secrets by which I have doubled my traffic on my blog.

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Secret Tips By Which I Have Doubled My Traffic

  1. Post Regularly

This is the first tips of mine to get good traffic. No one likes dead blog. If you are posting useful stuffs daily then you will surely get good amount of visitors. If you are posting regularly then your visitor will get habituated with your blog. This will help you a lot in maintaining the visitors. With the regular updates in blog will fetch some new visitors also. The best part of regular posting is that Google also like the updated blogs or websites. So if you are having such blogs then Google love your blog and it will give priority to your blog.

  1. Social Sharing and Bookmarking

This is the medium which can fetch huge traffic if you know how to use them. There are many social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. If you are having many followers on such social media then you can easily get the desired traffic for your blog. If you are not having followers then try to make followers NOW. This is the most important step for your success. Don’t buy fake followers or likes. Only go for real followers and likes. This will help you in long run.

There are many social bookmarking sites awailble. Some example includes StumbleUpon and Reddit. Once you join such bookmarking site, you can see the difference in your traffic. These are the sites which all bloggers must have used to get traffic. This sites had help me in doubled my traffic.

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  1. Guest Post

This is the hidden weapon to increase your traffic. Guest post will bring new visitors to your blog. There are many blogs which accepts guest post. You should choose the blogs which are popular and growing. The guest post will give your authority, traffic, backlink, new relation etc in return. These are the main benefits of guest post. You can create authority on other blogs and fetch its traffic to your blog.  We have done 5 guest posts in June month on very popular blogs. By guest post, we have increased our traffic.

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  1. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also a great way to improve traffic of your blog. With the help of blog commenting, you can make nofollow backlinks, create new relation and improve your traffic. If someone likes your comment then he/she will defiantly like to visit your blog. So there are high chances that, the new person will turn into regular visitor if your content is good. I am quite active in blog commenting. With the help of blog commenting also, we have increased the traffic also. So make sure you comment on others blog which will add some value in that blog. If your comment is adding some value then you can expect some traffic from it.

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So this is the tips from my side. This is the exact thing which I have followed in the month of June. I have doubled my traffic in that month. I highly recommend you to follow the above mentioned tips which will help you to increase traffic to your blog.

If you like this post then do share it with your friends and help them to increase traffic of their blog. What are your strategies to improve traffic for your blog. let me know via comments.

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