Domain Authority : Important or not?

Everyone of you would have come across this term during your blogging journey. When it comes to sponsored post, what will be the prime requirement of your client? Of course – Domain Authority. You will be paid as per your domain authority. Sometimes, the selection also gets done on the base of Domain Authority. It is the most attractive parameter for any advertiser.

Domain Authority – If you are in the blogging world and you have not heard about it, then don’t worry. This guide is for you where I am going to discuss everything about it. If you are already familiar with this term, we will go deeper in this term and discuss how to increase Domain Authority of your site or blog?

Domain Authority – What it is?

Domain Authority is a measure/metric developed by MOZ, which shows How likely your website or blog will be ranked high in any search engine? Though every search engine have their various parameters to rank any link higher in search results. So, sometimes it may happen that site or blog having higher DA is not ranked in search results and site having lower DA is ranked because this metric is developed by MOZ, not any search engines like Google.

The range for any site’s DA is 0-100. Any site can have DA between this range. The highest DA a site can get is 100, which is very hard to get. Some good sites like Google and Facebook has their DA 100.

How To Check Domain Authority Of Any Site?

There are many free domain authority checker tools are available on internet. Some of them I would like to include here, which are working good as I have tested them.

The first way is you can go to Open Site Explorer by MOZ. It is standard way to check DA of any site or blog. One negative point here is it allows you to enter 10 queries per day, for extra queries you have to go for premium tool of MOZ.

These are two free tools which are good and free.

Simple DA Checker 

 Bulk DA Checker

If you are a blogger, then I will advise you to install chrome extension of MOZ. “MozBar from Moz” which will show DA of every site you open.

Here are some screenshot of it.

If you have activated MozBar using shortcut ctrl+shift+alt+M then you will see DA and PA in MozBar as shown in these two screenshots:

Moz - DA

youtube MozBar

Here I have shown MozBar for YouTube. If you are closing this MozBar then the domain authority will be shown at the same place where you can see chrome extension of MozBar. Which is shown below:

Moz Extension

If you need to check DA for many sites then frequently going to the tools is boring, install the extension and keep spying on every site’s DA.

Generally, DA is a relative parameter. If you are having DA=10 today then you should try to push it to 20, it means you need to improve it any stage. whether your DA is at 10 or 70. Having DA higher than 50 is like having an achievement, but you don’t need to stop there. BE HUNGRY for DA.

So, now you all know how to check DA of any site. SO, what is next? What to do if it is low? What to do if you want to increase it?

Read ahead buddy!!! Here are the SECRET tips which all should know.

Let me tantalize you a bit more…. 😉

Before I share these secret tips with you, You need to consider the time period it will take to increase your DA, because it is not an overnight process. You need to apply these all secrets consistently for a long run. I mean Facebook, Google and other domains are not having higher authority overnight. You will find some shortcuts which will seem beneficial for the short span but later on you will regret those shortcuts. We all know shortcuts are always dangerous and mostly they never lead us to success. So be patient about this process.

Now we will start with THE SECRET TIPS…

 1. On-Page SEO

This one of the most important factor which will affect the Domain Authority. It is easy. You just need to install a simple plugin and that is Yoast SEO . You need to install and set up it. Then you will see a box below every post you write. It will show which thing you have done with your post are good for SEO by green dots. You need to make all of them gree and you are done with On-Page SEO. Mostly you need to set some focus keyword, give proper meta description and some stuff regarding subheadings. These all instructions I am not mentioning here because once you will install it, you will have clear idea about it.

2. Increase Amount Of Quality Content

This parameter will help you in SEO as well, if you have content which readers would love to read then the game is in your hands. I will not relate quality content with the length of the article. Length depends on the topic you are writing about. If the topic is simple then you can explain it in 400-500 words but if it is vast then don’t hesitate to give every small details though the length reaches to 2000-2500 words. Don’t drop your users in half way by providing half and unclear information. It will make users hate your articles. If you are having quality content then other blogs or site will mention your content link in their article which can help you in increasing your DA.

3. Create Internal Linking

If you are adding internal links which are relevant to your post then it can help your readers to understand the topic better and it will be good for ranking in the search engine as well. You can interlink other posts with your current post using some post widgets like similar posts. Or you can manually create a network within your blog via interlinking.

4. High-Quality Backlinks

The most preferable and easy way to get high- quality backlinks is doing a guest post on the blog having high DA. You can create backlinks via commenting also. Commenting on other blogs of your niche will make authority of yours on that blog and you can win chance of doing guest post over that blog.

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1 high-quality backlink is better than 100 poor backlinks. Backlinks from any domain will not improve your DA. You should get backlink from root domains.

5. Improve Your Social Networks

The no. of likes and shares on your social media profiles also affect the DA of your blog. You need to increase and improve your social networks in order to achieve higher Domain Authority.

You need to make constant efforts to be engagged with your community via social networks. It will drive traffic to your blog and it will create a brand for your blog.

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6. Remove Toxic Backlinks

It may happen the in beginning you have heard of how much important it is to create backlink and you have opted for some illegal ways. Then no need to worry. You can remove those harmful backlink via this guide which is given by Google Webmaster .

So, are you done with these all steps one by one??? Then have some patience. It will take some time as I mentioned above. Keep following these tips and within time of some months you will have your DA higher than your current one.

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  1. Hi Malida,
    I think domain authority is the now the best think to check the reputation of any website. As google rank is no more so DA and PA are used now to check the reputation of any website.
    And I must say that you have shared some important tips to improve DA.
    Thanks for sharing.

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