Complete Guide to Start a Blog in 30 Minutes

Blogging is craze nowadays. Anyone can have a blog because it doesn’t require a huge amount of investment or any risk. You search- You learn and You earn. Starting a new blog require only a few simple steps to be performed. So, here is a complete guide to start a blog in 30 minutes. Once the blog is started you can add as many values as you want. So, here are some quick and simple steps for starting a blog.

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Before going through this steps, let me tell you which are the things required for starting a blog.

  1. Appropriate Niche
  2. Domain Name
  3. Host
  4. Content Management System
  5. Theme
  6. Useful Plug-in
  7. Meaningful Logo
  8. Catchy Tagline
  9. Static Pages
  10. Categories
  11. Good Writing Skill

Complete guide to make your blog in 30 minutes

So, hold your horses- and let’s step toward blogging.

  • First, you will have to decide a niche. On which you can write daily and precise information. If the niche is of your interest then it will be icing on a cake. Blogging will be fun with your area of interest. While the selection of niche you should do some analysis. Like what is the hot topic nowadays, what information people search a lot, in which niche competition is low and many other analysis as per the current scenarios.
  • Once you are finalized with your niche, you have to get a domain name. Domain names will be used in URL to identify your web page. Now, here you will have two choices. Either you can purchase it from various well-known companies like BlueHost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, BigRock and much more or you can get it free from Blogger, WordPress, Weebly and much more. The difference is in paid domain you will get .com, .in, .edu, .org, .net, and so on in your URL whereas in the free domain you will get prefix like,, etc. For example, So, select the domain name as per your requirement.
  • After getting a domain name, you will have to place your blog on some virtual place which is known as the host. Many systems are providing free host also but it has some disadvantages as well. They can remove the content from your blog without your permission for any reason. So, it’s better to get your own paid host. Before getting your host, you should go through the reviews of the company by a trustworthy source.
  • The beginning is half done. Now you have a specific place where you will groom your blog. You will have to install any content management system with which you are convenient on your host. You can go for either one click installation or manual installation. WordPress is widely used CMS. So, better to go with WordPress because it is easy to handle without knowing Coding.
  • Packaging is the strategy for marketing nowadays. People see the packaging of the product before product quality. Theme works same for any website or blog. People will see layout first and later they will read your content. Various free and premium themes are available on The Internet. In free themes, you won’t get support if you face any problem with it. Whereas in a premium theme you will get support from the companies from which you have purchased it. If you can invest or after getting income started you can purchase the theme then the premium theme is the best option. What you have to do is select an appropriate theme for your niche. The theme should be simple and attractive. It should be responsive as well. The more customizable theme is the more creativity you can apply for look and feel of your blog.
  • To provide some services to your user, you have to install some plug-in on your WordPress. You can add some widget in your sidebar as well as in your footer. An essential plug-in which is common for all blog is Wp-supercache, Akismet, WordPress SEO by Yoast, TablePress, Jetpack and so on. Plug-in provide extra functionalities to your blog. You can install them as per your requirements.
  • The logo is the identity of your blog. It should be relevant to your niche. Simple and beautiful Logo is one of the parameters for a successful blog. Visual impact is long lasting impact which is created by Logo. The logo is going to be the identity of your brand.
  • A tagline describes a lot about your blog within the fraction of a second. It should be catchy and describe your blog in very beautiful manner. We all know tagline of famous brands because they are easy to remember, interesting and catchy. Readers will judge your blog from your tagline. So make sure you are forcing them to judge your blog in a positive manner via creative tagline.
  • Creating some static pages is a good for blogs as it creates faith for your blog in users. You can create About Us, Contact Us and any other informative and static page for your blog.
  • Creating categories for your niche can help a user to interact with your blog easily and provide information as per their requirement. You can add a general category for your ease in which you can add posts which are not in any of the categories you have created.
  • Now your blog is almost ready. You have to pour meaningful, interesting and factual content in it. Because once a reader has come to your blog seeing your attractive theme, logo and tagline- you have to make him consistent reader by providing good content. Your content should not be copy pasted. It should be original and written in your words. You will have to write posts regularly. By regularly I mean daily, weekly or monthly. But you have to maintain chronology.

So, follow these steps calmly and get your blog started. Once you start the blog, you will learn many things at your own via exploring the things. One thing you should keep in mind: If you fail at any point, never lose hope and never ever get disappointed. Never hesitate to ask pro bloggers for your problem. You will surely be a successful blogger if you will work with passion. Have faith in yourself. Good luck for your awesome journey ahead.

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  1. Hey Mahezabin, nice post. BTW, which web hosting company do you recommend to start a standalone WordPress blog? I currently use BigRock and Hostingraja.

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