How To Improve Goggling Skill [Proven Tricks]

Improve Googling skill

What is your favourite search engine? The answer of this question is Google. It is very obvious thing. We are using Google every day. The usage of Google as a search engine increases day to day. We use it to find everything which is on internet. We use Google in variety of ways. If we want to find some small thing then we go for Google. Even if we are doing research, we go for Google. So in short, we use Google to find each and everything from the internet. But are you using it efficiently? Many times we spend …

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Password Generation : Using Google Chrome

Password generation

Holla techies!!! Nowadays use any online software or application, you need to signup for it. where there is a signup procedure, you need to set a password for that. So, what do you set as your password? Your girlfriend/boyfriend’s name? Your birthdate? Parent’s name? Favorite personalities? or any silly thing like these? We know how dangerous it is to use silly passwords like our own birthdate, cell no, nickname, favorite color/actor/actress etc. as they are easy to get cracked by hackers. Then also we use it because we don’t like to manually create the strong password which is hard to remember. You …

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7 Chrome Extensions for Every Chrome User

Google chrome is the widely used web browser. There is intense competition between Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Google chrome is awesome Browser, but Extensions increases its potential drastically. Extensions are a small program which will add extra functionality to your web browser. Google chrome is having thousands of extensions available in Chrome web store. For a simple user, it ‘s hard to find a perfect extension. So here are 7 useful extensions for any user. LastPass We all are having many accounts. To access this account, we have multiple passwords. The problem with the password is that we cannot …

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TechiesBlogPoint – Welcome Post

Welcome Image of TechiesBlogPoint

Welcome to TechiesBlogPoint. A Community of all passionate technology lovers. This blog is started with the vision to share knowledge with all technology lovers. All the tips and techniques which I will be sharing via this blog are tested by me. As you have come here I think you should know about me.   I am Mahezabin Malida- an engineering student. I have started this blog out of my love of technology. Techies Blog Point is the platform where all techies can meet and interact with each other. On TechiesBlogPoint, You will find the Posts on the Following Topics: WordPress …

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