Blogging Glossary For Every Blogger

There are many people who want to start their new blog. There are some other people who are running good blogs since years. So what is the main difference between both types of people? The main difference is problogger knows the terms related to blogging and they are using those terms for their benefit since many years. Many newbie are not aware with these terms and if they are aware then they are not able to get most out of these terms. There are many people out there who love to read blogs but they may not know some words related to blogging. So this is post for all the people who don’t know the ABCD of blogging. Once you know these ABCD, you can get most out of it. So let me start with this blogging glossary…

Blogging Glossary

Avatar: You may be wondering in the first word itself. No, I am not talking about the Avatar Movie. In the world of blogging, Avatar is image or graphic which represents user. Almost all the bloggers are having their Avatar. By Avatar, when you write post, when you comment somewhere, your image will be displayed. So by Avatar, other people can recognise you.

Anchor Text: Anchor text is used when you want to create any link. When you create any link, you will give that link on some text. So that text will called anchor text. When any reader clicks on that anchor text, the link will open in browser.

Blog: Blog is short form of weblog. It is a kind of website or part of website. There are many blogs running out there by individual or groups of people. Many companies also running their blogs to promote their products. Blogs can be on various niches like blogging, SEO, internet marketing, fashion, beauty, technology, gadgets, food, health etc. There are many people who are making money with their blogs.

 Blogging: The process of writing for blog is known as blogging. With the help of blogging, you can make a great amount of money today.

Blogger: The person who writes for blog/blogs is known as blogger. This person should have detailed knowledge on the topics on which he writes regularly. Blogger should have art of sharing his knowledge with world.

Category: Category is something which will help you to group your similar kind of content. Say for example if I am having two post named Start WordPress blog and how to use WordPress in Localhost. So both can be grouped under WordPress category. So by category, any reader can find the post easily.

CMS: CMS stands for Content Management System. CMS will allow you to add content to your websites very easily. There are many CMS out there to create any types of Website. Some examples of CMS includes WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

Comments: Comments are the great way to connect with your fellow readers. When any reader likes your article, when they get some query regarding article, when they have some feedback about your blog, they use comments. With the help of comments, the blogger can know his audience. Blogger should try to give positive replies to all the comments on his blog.

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cPanel: cPanel is something which will let you access your hosting account easily. Many of the hosting companies provide cPanel to their users. You can do any changes in your website via cPanel.

Directory: Directory is website which keeps record of all other websites/blogs. With the help of directory, people can find your blog via subject or popularity. You should submit your blogs to various directories to get more traffic and popularity.

FTP: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Whenever you want to upload files or download files for your website, you need to use FTP. This is the only way by which you can upload or download the files. There are many FTP clients software which will help you with this task. FileZilla is one of the most used software.

Gravatar: Gravatar is globally recognised avatar. It is associated with email id. Anyone can get his Gravatar with the help of service called The other name of Gravatar is Avatar. So with Gravatar, anyone can unequally identify blogger.

Host: Host is the space where all your content of website is saved. Host will provide you some space, web server, some technologies like SQL, PHP etc. You need to pay fees for all this services. There are many hosting companies available to host your websites.

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Index: Indexing is the process by which search engine crawl and store your webpage. Once it is done, search engine will rank your page based on its complex algorithm. To check whether your page is indexed or not, simply search your page in search engine. If search engine returns your page then it is indexed otherwise it is not indexed yet.

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This is not end of the list. This list is ongoing list. I will add many new words in this list with its description. This will help you to know more terms and then you can use it for your blogs also. I know many terms and they are yet to be included. I will add those each and every day. So bookmark this page and check regularly for new terms.

If you like this post then do share it with your friends. There are many terms which is yet to be included. So help me to include those terms. You can tell those terms via comments also. So feel free to comment and give your contribution to make this list bigger.


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