Blogging : An Art of sharing your knowledge

When it comes to blogging, the first thought comes to our mind is an idea of sharing some knowledge which other people can utilize. But when we are sharing something, it is supposed to be utilized. Because that is the main concept of blogging. Time is wasted if we share knowledge and there is nobody to utilize it or even read it. So, in this post, I am going to share some basic information of blogging. Let’s start with a brief introduction of blogging.

What is Blog?

Blogging is an art of sharing knowledge.



A Blog is the collection of posts which contain deep information of a particular topic. Nowadays people are writing their blogs on BlogSpot, WordPress, and many other platforms. Every platform is having their own set of pros and cons.

Why should we blog?


why should we blog?

If you have the skill of writing and enough knowledge to share then you should start blogging. If you don’t have any of them then also you should start blogging by improving your writing skill and learning new things in a field in which you are interested. It’s the best platform to show case our skills of writing and sharing knowledge.

Blogging provides an environment to be friend with like minded people. In real life, we can’t be friend with every person because our interests and habits are different from them but once you start blogging, you get connected to a community of people who share the same interest as you.

Blogging is kind of investment. You have to spend more time in the beginning for research on a topic and for other parameters also but as you get habituated to it, it’s really fun to blog. More time, you invest, more returns you get. Consider, you invest time for one post daily and at the end of the year you will have 365 posts, Which is a great number of posts for a blog.

why to blog?

You can also earn a good amount if you learn some basic things and use your skills in a wise manner. Thus, by blogging you can build a network of your kind of people and have income also. So, before assuming anything start blogging  and have your own experience with it.

How to start blogging?

Before starting a blog, first you are supposed to decide if you want to use free domain and host or you want to have your own. If you want to have your own domain some good companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, eHost, GoDaddy and many other are offering monthly and yearly plans, else you can host your site on WordPress, BlogSpot or any other platforms like this.

WordPress is providing both options, paid as well as free domain. is paid and is free. To see more points which differentiate both refer the post:

WordPress: VS 

After getting domain name and host for the blog, you can select the themes and add plugins as per the niche of the blog. If the entire site is configured then you can start writing a post daily.

Once you start blogging, you should be positive and enthusiastic about that. If you get demotivated the you have to follow the consequences represented in the diagram shown below:


To make a blog interesting follow the BEAD concept.

Breadth: Add links that give broader understanding.

Ease: Format or layout of the blog should be easy to eyes.

Aesthetics: Make it beautiful with original and creative images.

Depth: Add links that give the deeper understanding of knowledge.

Which niche to select?

Before selecting niche of  the blog, some points should be kept in mind.

  • Niche should be of your interest
  • Before selecting the niche, popularity analysis should be done.
  • The niche should not be narrow. It should be broad.
  • Before selecting the niche, once visit the site of the blog having the same niche.

Advantages of Blogging:

Blogging is now considered as a profession. It has so many advantages as pointed below:

  • Blogging is the great platform to express yourself.
  • You are going to learn so many things because of finding content for the blog.
  • Knowledge and writing skills are going to be improved. You will have influence over the language which you are going to use.
  • You will get fame as people will read your thought which everyone wants.
  • You will have a source of income by being your own boss.
  • If you have a settled business then you can grow it via the blog.
  • You can get feedbacks immediately, so positive one will boost energy in you and negative one will help you in correcting your mistakes.
  • You will build a network of your kind of people.
  • You can help others who are facing any problem in your field.

Blogging makes you a better marketer because it teaches you humility in your writing.

Ending Notes:

After reading this post, I hope everyone will have the basic idea about blogging. For detailed information on every topic regarding blogging wait for next posts. If you want to add something then you are welcomed in the comments section.

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