Blog Commenting: Advantages, Tips and My Experience

As we know that blogging is the great way to share your knowledge with the world. With the help of blogging, we can give a solution to the people who are facing one or the other problems. But do you think that blogging is only related to sharing your knowledge and give some solutions to people? NO, blogging is more than that. Today we will discuss one biggest advantage of blogging. We all know that by blogging we can expand our network and build a relationship with like-minded people. This is possible by blog commenting. Yes, blog commenting is a powerful weapon which will help you to create a good relationship with other bloggers. There are some bloggers who think that blog commenting is wastage of time. But it’s not true at all.

Many people think that once you have created a good content then your task is over. But it is not true. If you have created good content but no one is reading that content then such content is of no use. So it is very crucial that we promote our content well. Blog commenting is the best way to do that. In this post, I will share you all the benefits of blog commenting and tips by which you can do the best blog commenting. Along with that, I will share my own experience for blog commenting.

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There are many advantages of blog commenting. So let’s start with them first.

Benefit of Blog Commenting

1. Build Relationships

Good relations are everything in blogging. So to create good relations, you can take help of blog commenting. If you are adding some value to someone else’s blog then the blog admin will notice you. If you are doing regular commenting then after sometimes there are high chances that you will have good relation with that blog admin. Don’t comment just for backlinks. Add some value to the discussion. This will help you to make relations. If you find some mistakes in the post, you can comment on that post so that blog admin can edit it. By this way, you can quickly grab the attention of that blogger.

2. Build Backlinks

Every blogger wants more and more backlinks. You can make good backlinks via blog commenting. Many of the blogs are giving nofollow backlinks for comments. So by commenting on others blog, you can easily get nofollow backlink. It is also true that nofollow backlink will not help you much. But it is good practice to make natural backlinks. So if you are making let say 70 dofollow backlinks then you should make 30 nofollow backlinks. So it looks natural. With the help of commenting, you can easily make these 30 backlinks.

3. Drive good amount of traffic

 This is one more advantage of blog commenting. If you really make sense while blog commenting, chances are high that you will get some good amount of traffic for your blog.  If you are the first person to comment on some post then it will be an added advantage for you. Because if your comment is really nice then other people will see that comment and there are chances that they will like to know more about you. So they may check your blog. So by this way, you can drive more traffic to your blog as well.

4. Get High Rank in Search Engine

 We all know that to rank in the search engine, we need to apply SEO well. Apart from on page SEO, we should apply proper off page SEO as well. So backlink is the most powerful way to apply off page SEO. With the help of commenting on popular and high authority blogs, you can get some good backlinks. With the help of high PR backlinks, you can easily rank high in any search engine.

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Most Important Tips for Best Blog Commenting

1. Read the Whole Post

I have seen some bloggers who are on a mission called blog commenting. They don’t read the post actually. They just read headlines and then comment on the blog. This will not help them in anyway. If you are doing same then it is high time to change your habit because such kind of comments will not be approved by blog admin. So it is the total waste of time.

2. Add Some Value

 Every blogger like to see comments on his post. If you are really adding some values then it is really good for you because by this way you can get all the above-listed advantages of blog commenting. Every blogger wants to see comments like “Thank you”, “Really nice article”. But do remember one thing by saying this much you are not adding any values to the discussion. So this will not help you. If you relly want to get all the advantages of blog commenting then you should give some genuine comment on other’s blog.

3. Use Your Real Name and Image

 This is the must for blog commenting. If you don’t have gravatar account then make your account NOW. By this account, when you comment on any blogs, your image will follow you. You should use your real name while commenting. If you use company name then it may look spammy. So instead of company name, you should use your real name. By using your real name, you can get in touch with blog admin.

4. Write 4 to 5 lines of comment

As I said earlier, you should add some values on the blog. So for that, you should write minimum 4 to 5 lines in the comment. In your comment, you can include some questions, your views on the post, your experience etc. Make sure it is worth for other people as well. If you really make sense then you will get all the benefits of blog commenting.

5. Make List of Blogs and Comment Daily

This is very important. To get most out of blog commenting, you should first identify the good blogs in your niche. Then make a list of them and do some comments on them daily. With the help of your comments, you can make new relations, get some good traffic and backlinks for your blogs.

6. Track Your Comments

This is very crucial for you. If you are on a mission of blog commenting then you needs to track your progress as well. You should make a spreadsheet to track your progress. In that spreadsheet, you can include the blog link on which you have put comments then you can check whether your comment is approved or not. If it is approved then what are the advantages you got from that comment. If you do this process smartly then within some time you can understand the flow of your blog commenting. Then you just need to follow it. You can check on which blog you are getting more benefits and on which blog you are not getting any benefits. So that you can make your new strategy accordingly.

My experience

In this post, I am sharing my own experience as a blog commenter. As a newbie blogger, I also like this way of making backlinks. But unfortunately, I was failed at the initial level. The main reason of my failure was I did not know how to write good comments. I also wrote comments like thank you, very nice post. So such comments did not get approval. Then I did some brainstorm and did some good research. I saw some points in my research which I am going to tell you.

  1. I am a big fan of reading quality blogs. So I read lots of blogs. While I was reading Pradeep Kumar’s blog Hellboundbloggers, I got my first mistake as a blog commentator. In his blog, Pradeep Kumar has clearly mentioned that he will not accept any comments which are not adding any values in his blog. Here is an image of it. Check it out from the below image.

HBB Notice

2. I got my second mistake when I was reading comments on my guest post on ShoutMeLoud. In that post, one of the popular female blogger Nirmala Santhakumar has given a detailed comment. When I saw that comment, I realized the actual importance of blog comments. I am adding its image here so that you can also see that comment.

Nirmala's Comment

3. I got my 3rd mistake while talking with one of my very good friend Rajeesh Nair. Once we were discussing ways to make relations with international bloggers. During our talk, Rajeesh had explained how we can make relations with bloggers with the help of good commenting on their blog.

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I truly believe that mistakes are proof that we are learning and progressing. It’s not bad to make mistakes and learn from it. We can also learn many things from our mistakes. If your attitude is really good then you can do anything. So keep in mind one thing while blog commenting. Don’t comment just for backlinks. Instead, add some values to the discussion which will really help you to get your name out there in the outside world.

If you like this article then do share it with your friends and let them know the importance of blog commenting. I would like to hear your thoughts on blog commenting so feel free to comments.

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  1. Awesome post… this is my 2nd visit on techiesblogpoint last it was couple of months back when this blog was new and yoi guys were posting stuff related to worpress and hosting. From that to this post i must say your blog has grown a lot. Keep writing.. keep learning

  2. Hi Nayan,
    Awesome post man. You are truly inspiring to me. I have been following you since your guest post in SML.
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to see more posts like this. I wish you all the very best.

    • Thanks Hemanth for your kind words. Keep Reading TechiesBlogPoint and we will provide you some great articles.

  3. Hi Nayan Kariya,

    You have nailed the topic and I 100% agree with your viewpoints on blog commenting.

    Yes, it has amazing benefits when we do in a right manner. It is a genuine link building strategy and a good way of getting referral traffic as well.

    As you said, I never leave my comment without reading the post. Also, I would like to share either my suggestion/experience in the blog comments so that it would help the blog readers to know more about the topic.

    Your piece of content is excellent, but I would suggest you break the sentences for better readability. BTW, thanks for the kind mention, glad I could help you in learning something new.

    Keep your good work.

  4. Hey Nayan,

    I have seen many comments on different blogs which are made with the intention of getting a backlink. Some of them use autofill forms to comment on blogs. They always say, “Nice Post Bro”. And will give a long link in the website link area.

    I really like your post and buddy it’s great. Thank you.

  5. This one is really helpful for me and for other bloggers to understand about blog commenting. And that spreadsheet idea I liked it and now I will follow the same way and take notes for future reference. Adding your blog to my follow list 😀

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