Productivity Hacks : Secret Tips To Manage Everything Well

Productivity Hacks

Productivity Hacks??? – No…..No…..No…….I am not going to give any kind of lecture on time management. I understand importance of proper planning, time- table and other ideal stuff. But before those all things one universal truth is – WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. Yeah we are not machines that one schedule is fixed and we will … Read more

10 Things You Must Check Before You Hit Publish Button

Checklist before you hit PUBLISH button

How much it is irritating that you have published a post and later you come to know about some errors in that post. Sometimes you forget to check about focus keyword and sometimes you have committed some mistakes in the title of the post itself. Can’t you check everything before publishing the article? Why do you forget … Read more

Complete Guide to Start a Blog in 30 Minutes

Complete Guide to Start a Blog in 30 Minutes

Blogging is craze nowadays. Anyone can have a blog because it doesn’t require a huge amount of investment or any risk. You search- You learn and You earn. Starting a new blog require only a few simple steps to be performed. So, here is a complete guide to start a blog in 30 minutes. Once … Read more