Apps for Running Multiple Social Network Accounts Efficiently

If you’ve got more than one social media presence to keep up, you know how difficult it can be to constantly come up with content and maintain different brands to the same high standard. Buffer app  positions itself as the top social media control hub type of application, and it’s great, but not an option for a blogger on a budget — if you’d like to add more than 10 accounts at once, that’ll cost you $100. So is there any free apps available?
So are there any other ways to manage a lot of social media accounts at once? And preferably not as expensive? Glad you asked.


LastPass is a fantastic tool for managing accounts on all social medias. It features a convenient username-password autofill function, so the only thing you have to type is the master password.
This is — bar none — the safest and most convenient way of keeping account information in a safe place that’s accessible anywhere. And when you’re registering for a new account, LastPass will generate a unique password for you. All the data stored in their cloud is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

LastPass app
Just tell LastPass your passwords, and you can forget them forever. When you’ve input them, take the LastPass security challenge! They’ll check if your passwords can stand to be a little stronger, and change them for you (with your permission, of course) if they’re not up to snuff.
LastPass has a Free and Premium version. The premium is very affordable at just 1$/mo, and will allow you to sync passwords on an unlimited number of devices.


When you’re planning new posts, where do you do it? Don’t say you write everything in the social network’s prompt right before you post it! What you need to get yourself is the right text editor, and Write! is it. It has just the right amount of features while retaining a minimal design aesthetic with no distractions.
Personally, my favorite feature is Focus Mode. It dims all text that you’re not working on at the moment so that you can concentrate on the paragraph in front of you, which is great if you’re prone to go back to change things in the text when you should be pushing onward.

Write - focus-mode
Write! also features intelligent counters to let you know how much you’ve written throughout that day, in a document, or even in a portion of the document. I used to have an annoying problem with all my tweets being over the limit, but now I know at the planning stage if what I’m doing needs to be edited down.
Another fantastic thing about Write! is publishing. Any document in Write! can be put up online, and I love being able to share a link to my writing with someone straight from the text editor’s window.
Write! is a subscription-based app, and it costs $4.99/mo.

If This, Then That

IFTTT — If This, Then That is a powerful way to automate your online activity, and it works with all the major social medias. The way it works is this: you create a custom action to be performed automatically when something triggers it using the formula “If This, Then That” — they call them recipes. Simple. Or you can use one of the bajillion recipes already created by the users.
For instance, if your main social media hub is Facebook, you can make all other social media automate their postings from it. Change your Facebook picture? A recipe can change your Twitter avatar automatically. New WordPress post? It can be reposted on any social media of your choosing without a single action required from you. If you’ve got a lot of pages on social media to manage, this can be an indispensable help.
That’s not to mention all the fun stuff it can do, like change the mood of the lighting in your room when the weather changes (though you’ll need special lightbulbs for that).
Best of all, IFTTT is completely free!

If this Then
To conclude, social media is a powerful tool that’s difficult to wield properly and successfully. Supplementary apps and services can make it all the more easy to manage, and with these apps, it’s easier than ever. What are your favorite tools to manage lots of social media presences?

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