How AdNow Helping Affiliate Marketers to Make Money Online

Internet is growing increasingly day by day. With the growth of Internet, websites and blogs are growing enormously. Many people are making huge money with their websites. Many people want to make money through websites.

There are high chances that you are also having website or similar passion because you are reading this post.

So let me give you the good news here.

Recently AdNow Collaborates with to ensure higher profit for Affiliate Marketer.

Yeah, you heard it right. Now you can get the most out of AdNow and AdVault for your websites.

Do you have any idea about both of these or do you know how you can make money with them?

If not then don’t worry. I am here to help you out. I will take you through both the network and then I will tell you what you will get from this collaboration.

Seems interesting….!!! So let’s start….

Introduction to AdNow


AdNow is native advertising network which was established in 2014. AdNow was the result of its founder’s huge experience in RTB, Big Data, PPC, Digital Marketing and Mobile Advertising. AdNow is just 2 years old network but in very short span of time they have managed to get more than 4.2 billion impressions per month in 107 countries.

AdNow provides widget based native ads which webmaster can use to make money from their websites. In just the span of 2 years, AdNow is having 150,000 publishers.

How AdNow Works?

AdNow is Product recommendation, Channel advertising and Content discovery network. So as similar such networks like Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent etc.. , AdNow too provides the post widgets that website owner should place on their sites. Winning point as compared to other similar networks, AdNow also accept medium size publishers with better revenue shares. The widgets are used to show the sponsored content. The website owner will get money when user click on the sponsored content or view it.

The AdNow provides the clean, safe and relevant content. Content is checked before it got placed on the site. AdNow is having moderators who check the content before placing it on the publisher’s site.

The content which AdNow provides is very engaging. The users are more likely to click such content. So you can make money very easily.

The best thing is that they provide real time tracking. Their rates are competitive and they also have referral program in which you just need to refer someone to the AdNow and you can make money via successful referrals.

Pros of AdNow

  1. They accept non English sites too.
  2. You can use AdNow with other ad network.
  3. Payment is done per week.
  4. AdNow is using Real time tracing system.
  5. They have referral program also.

Cons of AdNow

  1. Widget may post content which is not relevant.

So I hope you are having good understanding about what is AdNow and how it works. So let’s see what is?

Introduction to AdVault

AdVault is a Native Ads Spy Tool. AdVault is used to spy on native ads and landing pages which are very much popular. Once you spied on such native ads, you can also replicate the same for you. You can spy on 4,320,172 Native Adverts which are across 13 networks including 19 countries.

AdVault is specifically designed to spy on Content Discovery Native Ads to gather all the data related to ads. It is essential tool for you if you are planning to run the native ads. AdVault allows you to see which type of Ads other advertisers are running and whether they are successful or not.


Types of Ads Which Can Be Find Using AdVault

  1. Affiliate Ads: This type of ads generally points to landing page. The main objective behind this ad is to get the commission via the sales.
  2. Arbitrage Ads: Such ads points to the content and the motto of this type of ad is to make the visitor click on the ads.
  3. Content Discovery Ads: Some publishers run the content discovery ads in the hope that visitor like the website and become the regular visitor.

Why to Use AdVault?

You can spy on the native ads manually but it is having the following problems.

  1. You will only see ads which are targeted for your country and which are relevant to you.
  2. It will take huge amount of time and you will miss many ads.

So what is the solution?

Yes, Solution is to use AdVault to spy on native ads. With AdVault, you will be given access to 3 millions+ ads with around 5 thousands being added daily.

With this access, you can check various matrices for all ads. You can check whether the ad was successful or not.

You can even check how long the ad has been running, how many times it has been seen per day, on which site it has been seen and lot more.

So you just need to grab the account of AdVault and you can get the huge amount of data about native ads which you can utilize to create native ads for you.

So Now Let’s checks the Collaboration of these two great platforms with each other. What are the benefits you can get from the Collaboration? How it is helpful for you? Can you imagine the power of these two networks at one place?

Collaboration of AdNow and AdVault

Recently AdNow Collaborates with to ensure higher profit for Affiliate Marketer.

Some of the points which you should notice in this collaboration are as follows:

  1. After the collaboration, every AdNow user is given special bonus in AdVault which includes longer trial and lesser price for service of AdVault.
  2. In exchange, every affiliate marketer who uses AdVault can sign up for AdNow with some special conditions.
  3. Their first investment will be rewarded with bonus up to $1500.

So this is indeed great news. What is your take on this? Feel free to let me know via comment.

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