Adcash Review – The Ultimate Ad-Network for Publishers and Advertisers

Adcash, the platform we are discussing today is an Ad-network as is evident from its name. It’s been in the industry for almost a decade 9 years to be specific) although I tried it out just recently, and the results drove me to get this review out here for you guys.

Well first of all, nope it’s not a “paid” platform, meaning you don’t have to buy an account so nope I’m not trying to sell you anything. They offer free accounts for both Advertisers as well as Publishers and I intend to discuss both their perspectives.

I see myself fit to scribble this review down for several reasons, let’s start with my 4+ years with ad networks including Adwords, Bing Ads, MaxAd, Max PPC and others as a publisher and I’ve taken care of couple ad campaigns for some Adwords and bing clients as well. So yeah I know what I’m talking about. (Just so you know I’ve been where you are, I know what we expect and need and that gives me a comparative edge between the platforms!)

So let’s get down to business.

What is Adcash?

Adcash is an Ad-network as I’ve already stated, now there are reasons why and how it’s unique and different and those are the same reasons why I’m writing this review. If it was all the same, there would be no point in writing this down, right?


For Publishers:-

As I’m basically a blogger, I’m more interested in its “publisher” account and that’s what I’d be starting with, although worry not if you’re an advertiser, I took my time with them to get a hold of their features and capabilities and I’d be describing them too in the later sections.

Publisher account is the account that lets you place ads on your blog and makes money for you. So, what’s the first question that comes to your minds when I say this?

What are the Requirements to Apply on Adcash?

Yeah I got it. That’s the very first question anyone would have about such a platform.

Minimum Requirements:- (Almost none!) Just make sure you own a blog. That’s it. No minimum traffic required. Even if you own a week old blog and if it’s good enough, you’re gonna be accepted.

That’s what makes it a “startup-friendly” ad platform. They don’t help you out when you’re successful; instead, they help you be successful.

How long does it take for them to approve a site?

60 Minutes! (Read along…)
Another question that would hit me up when I apply to an ad-platform is – their approval time. With Adsense, it sometimes takes weeks which is frustrating.

Well, here’s a live example of exactly how long Ad-cash takes to approve a site. In the following screenshot here’s when I applied for approval.


And then this exactly (one hour / 60 minutes) later is the approval E-mail.


Honestly? I’ve been with quite a number of Ad-networks by now, but no one can beat this! An approval time of 60 minutes? That’s just off the edge.

Anti-Ad Blocking Algorithm:-

I know ad blockers make it hard for us to display ads. Well, Adcash has an absolutely free anti-ad blocking algorithm that we get to use for free with the platform hence multiplying the revenue.

Lots of Different Ad-formats:-

It doesn’t matter if you like pop-unders, Footers, Sidebars, slide-ins or whatever, they support everything. Yeah, they’ve all these ad formats at your disposal so you can go with just about any one of them based on your site and audience suitability.


Automated, Real-time Prediction Algorithm:-

This is again something that’s unique and special to Adcash.

They have this algo in place which automatically predicts the ads which would be the best and most profitable for you based on your site automatically and then displays them, so you don’t have to worry about what will work and what won’t.

Manual Ad-Control:-

Although they have the auto-prediction algorithm in place, you can still choose the ads you want to display, or don’t want to display. This gives you a control and in some cases, you might be better than the algorithm in deciding what works best for your blog and what doesn’t.

Payment Terms:-

So okay now that you know it’s something you should be trying out, the final question arises, how good is their payment T&C.


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Creating Ads:-

Once you login to the dashboard, creating the ad zones is extremely easy. There’s a “Create zone’ button right away, you use that and then you can select the ad-type you’d prefer, and the second option would let you choose the banner-size with a graphical representation of it on the right-sidebar.

So I’d say the user-interface is 5/5 no doubt.


See? Everything summed up in that one screenshot.

Lots of Payment Options:-

  •  Paypal
  •  Skrill
  •  Payoneer
  •  Wire Transfer
  •  WebMoney

So you’re getting your money withdrawn, no doubts there.
The payment is calculated in “Euros” not that it makes a big difference but it might take some time for those of us to get used to who mostly get paid in dollars.

For Advertisers:-

So okay we’re done with the publishers’ part huh? How about getting into some advertising? Yeah it’s totally possible that not all of you on this page are publishers, some of you might want to get some exposure for your brand out there in the market, right?

All-Device Reach:-

The first feature you’d notice with their “advertising” platform is that, their ads are not just for desktops but just about any other device we use these days.

Cause technically, people use Mobiles and Tabs a lot more than sit in front of computers.

Hyper-Granular Targeting Capabilities

This is just an extremely advanced level of targeting system that allows you to reach your audience no matter where they are, what device they’re using, what age-group they are or anything else.

Basically this is the ultimate consumer targeting algorithm. It offers:-
• Interest Targeting:- Target people based on their interests.
• Browser Targeting.
• Retargeting
• Language Targeting
• Keyword Targeting
• GeoTargeting.

What’s the Minimum Budget to Start a Campaign with Adcash?

Of course, a legit question that must be haunting you by now.

Well, you can start your Adcash campaigns from as low $100. And you even get two currency choices, EUR or USD (I personally prefer the USD though!)

Detailed, Real-Time Analytics:-

In order to improve your campaigns, you need to know what’s working and what’s not. And that data is provided in real-time from Adcash to it’s advertisers.

Not just that, you can set Adcash to send you detailed reports to your E-mail at time-intervals you wish.

Goal Oriented Ad-Types:-

The entire major and most conversion optimized ad-types are supported by Adcash. Including:-
• Cost Per Click.
• Cost per mile.
• Cost per View.
• Cost per Action.
• Cost per Lead.

So you won’t be wasting a single penny, you can pay exactly for the goals you want no strings attached.

Final Verdict:-

Adcash is free; it has extremely fast approval time for publishers, armed with detailed insights and a variation of ad types. I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t rush out of this page and try Adcash right now.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a publisher or an Advertiser, I’m not asking you to marry Adcash, but it’s surely worth a try and then you can leave it anytime if it doesn’t help you achieve your goals.

And trust me, the “no minimum traffic required” thing is just about the best thing that can happen to you if you’re just starting out. So go out and try Adcash right now.

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