Actionable Tips To Improve Alexa Rank

There are many websites and blogs on the internet. We all like to read and use those websites which are good. So there are certain metrics to judge the websites. Webmaster focuses on different metrics like Google page rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moz Rank, Alexa Rank etc. By all these metrics we can judge any website on the internet. All these metrics are really well defined by some of the companies. Among all these metrics Alexa Rank is one of the important metric to judge the website or blog. All the other metrics get updated in a month where the Alexa Rank is updated daily so many webmasters are curious about Alexa Rank.

Nowadays, webmasters are thinking that Alexa has lost its significance. This is partially true. There are many advertising companies which are looking for lower Alexa Rank when they want to give advertise. So if your Alexa Rank is low then and only then you can be able to grab that advertise and monetize your website or blog. So having a lower Alexa Rank is really important.

What is Alexa Rank? is a website that ranks all the websites on the basis of traffic they get. The more the traffic, the lower will be your Alexa Rank. Alexa is a service of which is the popular eCommerce website in the world. Alexa was founded in 1996. At that time, they just gather the data about websites through their toolbar. But over the period of time they improved a lot and they have added many more features to judge the quality of websites.

Benefits of Good Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is one of the popular ways to judge the website quality. So there are many benefits of having a good Alexa Rank.

  1. If you are in the field of online business then having a good Alexa Rank is most important for you. Many advertisers like to provide ad on the good websites. So if your rank is good then advertiser will like to put their ads on your websites.
  2. If your Alexa Rank is good then other bloggers will start giving linking to your websites. So by this way, you can make natural backlinks.
  3. Alexa Rank is popular way to judge the websites. So by good rank you will get good popularity in the world. People prefer to come again and again.

How to Improve Alexa Rank?

Improve Alexa Rank

  1. Claim your website/blog on Alexa: The first step to improve your rank is to claim your site to the Alexa. This is very basic step. To claim your site to Alexa, you need to sign up in Alexa and submit your site. There are two types of account available on Alexa. Those accounts are free and premium account. You can choose either of them. Free account is also enough to claim your site. If you have not claim your site till now then I strongly recommend you to claim your site NOW.
  1. Install Alexa toolbar in your browser: Alexa provides its toolbar which you can install on your browser. This Alexa toolbar is available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This toolbar helps you to check the Alexa rank of the websites which you visit. By this toolbar Alexa gather the data about the hit to your website. We often visit our site 10 to 15 times a day. So by this Alexa toolbar we can get the benefits of our visit.

 How to install Alexa Toolbar in Browser?

To install the Alexa toolbar on your browser is a very easy task. You need to follow the below steps to install the Alexa toolbar:

  1. Go to Alexa Toolbar Installation Page from your browser.
  2. Click on Install Alexa extension.
  3. This will automatically download the extension on your browser.

So Install Alexa Toolbar NOW and Improve your rank.

  1. Add Alexa widget on your website/blog: The Alexa widget will help the Alexa server to trace the traffic to your website. You can place the Alexa widget on your website/blog. Nowadays you can see many websites have place Alexa widget to improve their ranking on Alexa. By Alexa widget, you can showcase your site authority also. There is plugin available in WordPress repository to add Alexa widget to your website. For other platforms, you need to paste the code which is provided by Alexa in your source code.
  1. Write quality content: We all know that content is very important factor for any blog. The more you write quality content the more your Alexa rank will improve. Your readers love quality content. Search engines also love quality content. So if your website is ranking in search engine then traffic will automatically flow to your website and it will increase your Alexa rank. Again the content should be unique. So the readers will enjoy your blog and keep reading the articles.
  1. Write Regularly: This is very important point when we talk about improving our Alexa rank. Who loves the dead blogs? Similarly, Alexa also loves the blog which are updated frequently and regularly. Try to update the blog on regular basis. Regularity is the key to improve your rank fast.
  1. Create Backlinks: The Alexa rank can be improved by creating lots of backlinks. The best ways to create backlinks are by guest post on high authority blog. So try to do a guest post on good blogs and make connections with bloggers.

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  1. Share content on Social Media: As I said earlier, the more traffic you get the more will be your Alexa rank. So you need to share your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. By this you can drive a good traffic and improve your rank.

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So as of now, you are having a sound knowledge about Alexa Rank and how to improve it. By above mention Actionable tips you can easily improve your Alexa rank. The above mention tips are proven tips so you should apply it. The Alexa Rank is important factor to attract more advertisers towards your website. So apply above mention tips and make your website Alexa friendly.

If you like these tips then do share it with your friends and help them to improve their rank. I would like to hear your view related to Alexa Rank via comments. So feel free to comment.

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  1. I follow all the rules and guideline to improve Alexa rank for my website, some day ago Alexa rank of my website is under 10k but suddenly day- by-day my alexa rank is performing so bad, I don’t know why? can any one guide me what is the actual problem with my site, and how can I improve Aexa ranking?

  2. Hi Nayan,

    You are right in saying that Alexa is important and you have shared some very good tips to improve Alexa rank.

    Loved the infographic, it looks professional. 🙂

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