7 Chrome Extensions for Every Chrome User

Google chrome is the widely used web browser. There is intense competition between Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Google chrome is awesome Browser, but Extensions increases its potential drastically. Extensions are a small program which will add extra functionality to your web browser. Google chrome is having thousands of extensions available in Chrome web store. For a simple user, it ‘s hard to find a perfect extension. So here are 7 useful extensions for any user.

  1. LastPass

We all are having many accounts. To access this account, we have multiple passwords. The problem with the password is that we cannot remember many passwords. So we go for similar passwords, which is less secure. So by LastPass extension, we can solve both the problems. In this extension, you can login to any account with only one master password which is difficult to crack. First, you need to feed all your username and password to LastPass, then you can login to any account using the master password generated by this extension. In the following example, we have put two accounts to access by this extension. You can put any number of accounts as per your choice.

Last Pass

  1. Save to Pocket

This is one of my favourite chrome extensions. Whenever you find some great article and you don’t have enough time to read it, you can save it for later reading using this extension. It is a cross-platform extension. Once you sign up for this extension, you can use it on your computer and mobile phone for later reading. Here is an example of this extension:

Save Pocket

  1. Split Screen

Nowadays, people become multitasking. We have so much work, in front of our work load, monitor screen becomes very small. So to work on two different websites, we can use Split Screen extension. By this extension, we can divide our monitor screen in more than one part, and we can work on different websites at the same time. Here is an example:


     4.  Sharholic

It is said that “Sharing is Caring”. Whenever we find some good content on the web, we like to share it with our friends. By this chrome extension, we can easily share any content across 100+ services including  Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin and many more. Here is an example of this extension:


  1. Google Dictionary (by Google)

We face problems when we see new words. To overcome this issue, we can use this extension. After installing this extension, we can check definition or meaning of any word by double-clicking on it. By this way, we can save our time and energy. So it is a very useful extension for readers. Here is an example of this extension:


  1. Chrome Sniffer

Whenever we are spying on some website, we want to know the technology in which the website is made. Using this extension we can know the technology used behind any website. In the below example, the website is built with WordPress.

Chrome Sniffer

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  1. SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar

For any website its PageRank and Alexa Rank is important. We can quickly check website’s PageRank and Alexa rank by this extension. After installation of this extension, you can check PageRank and other details by just clicking on the extension. Here is an example for this extension:

SEO status page rank

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There are many extensions in the chrome web store. Many people use different extensions to serve their purpose. If you are using other useful extensions then let us know by comment. You can add the name of extension and description about it.

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  1. Thank you Nayan for sharing some great extensions for google users. Now i am suggesting one more extension ONE TAB extension is best to Minimise all active tabs with a single click. hope this will be useful for all

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