21 Effective Ways to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

When it comes to SEO, we have idea of on page SEO and off page SEO in our mind. We know the importance of traffic generation on our blog. To get traffic using off page SEO, backlinking is the most effective way. By backlinking we can improve the rank of our blog in search engine. So, here I am going to list out 21 effective ways to get quality backlinks to your blog.

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Before knowing ways to get backlink, let’s have a basic understanding of backlinks. It is a common word in the world of Search Engine Optimization. Backlink is an incoming link to our page. Newbies of this Blogging world are struggling to get backlinks from as many websites as possible. Beacause┬ámost of the search engine give high rank to the page which has high number of backlinks. So, to get high rank in search engine including Google, it is necessary to work on backlinking of your site.

The traditional and best method to get backlinking is writing guest post. Before we start with 21 Effective ways, keep this two points in mind.

  • Avoid buying backlinks from sites like Fiverr.
  • Avoid backlink from footer.

Here are 21 Effective Ways to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

  1. Write guest posts for other blogs having good reputation and Alexa rank.
  2. Ask questions related to your blog niche in any reputed forum and get link from your question.
  3. Write an email to an influencer who writes on the same topic and ask him to share. You dont know the power of a sweet email.
  4. Stay connected with the other bloggers of your niche and backlinks will follow you.
  5. Convert your website to pdf format and submit it to document sharing sites.
  6. Interview the famous bloggers of your niche and ask them to share that interview. Thus, their followers will link to your blog via interview.
  7. Write posts about current issues and controversial topic of your niche.
  8. Write posts comparing some products useful for your niche.
  9. Start any contest relevant to your niche and linking to your blog should be primary condition.
  10. Write posts that have titles starting with digits. Like, “7 ways to….”, “25 best products for….”, etc.
  11. Create some effective tutorials which will help the community of your niche and get backlinks from that.
  12. Create Videoes and make it viral. Give link and description of your blog in those videoes.
  13. Provide high quality paid things free which will give more backlinks.
  14. Provide surveys for various thing regarding to your niche and you will get more backlinks.
  15. Transparency attracts people. So, be transparent while writing anything on your blog.
  16. Whenever you get chance to speak in any event relevant to your niche, don’t forget to introduce your blog and its specialities. It will drive more traffic.
  17. Try to know the current affairs which can be interesting for your readers and don’t forget to write about it.
  18. Start affiliate marketing. It is one of the most effective ways of driving traffic.
  19. Write free eBooks and other guiding books regarding tips and tricks useful for your niche.
  20. Have special writing style which attracts your readers.
  21. Do appropriate comment of your queries and suggestions in famous blogs of your niche.


  • Write a guest post with more interesting pictures. Pictures can convey knowledge in a more powerful way than words.

Ending Notes:

I hope this post will be helpful for ranking your blog high in search engine. If you have any other effective tricks for backlinking, don’t forget to mention them in the comment section.

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