A Whole Year of An Adventurous Journey!

Happy ANniversary TBP

Yeah, it was nothing less than an adventure to explore the field of Blogging. For us, Blogging was just a word one year back.

It all started when Nayan showed me the article on “Top 10 Bloggers of India“. I was attracted to this field as it is the field of sharing knowledge with like-minded people via words. It was just an inspiration part of TechiesBlogPoint. Learning phase already started when Nayan bought a domain name – ‘Tutorialscafe.net’ and host on the previous day – 14th December 2015.

It was all new and hard things for us from purchasing a domain name and host to set up the entire blog. We took extremely long for all the small and silly things which can be now done within 10-15 minutes.

Our professor Mr. Tejas Chauhan helped us a lot in the initial phase of setting up our blog. He was always there whenever we needed any help or suggestions.

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