TechiesBlogPoint – Progress Report of June 2016

Progress Report

There are many bloggers who are earning a huge amount of money online. Some of those bloggers are sharing his earning reports per month. In his/her earning reports, blogger is sharing what he has done in the past month, how he has monetize his blog etc. Some of the blogger also includes where they went for vacation, how they spent last month, what are the traffic report of the previous month and what the new leanings are for them. Income reports are always the most fascinating things for blog readers and other bloggers. This is quite motivating also for those …

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How To Unfollow People On Twitter Who Are Not Following You

Unfollow People On Twitter Who Are Not Following You

Twitter is the most powerful social media today. We all are having an account on Twitter. As a social media influencer, blogger or Internet market, you should be having an account on Twitter. If you are using Twitter right way then you can do wonders. There are some great people on twitter which you should follow and learn from them. Sometimes you may like to unfollow people on twitter who are not following you. Twitter is the best medium to reach quality people across the world. If you are following right people on twitter then you can expand your online …

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Link Exchange : How Malignant It Is!!!

Link Exchange : How Malignant It Is!!!

I want to rank my page on first page of the search engine? What should I do? Solution: Build more links. But how? Solution: Try article marketing, guest posting, forum posting, link exchange programs,…..wait wait…..what is “Link Exchange”? Read Also: 21 effective ways to get quality backlinks to your blog Link Exchange Kis Chidiya ka Naam Hai? Backlink exchange is kind of give and take relation which bloggers use for getting more links for a particular page. So that the particular page gets ranked in search results. Though there are many ways to create backlinks, people prefer this way for generation …

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How To Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Page In Single Click

Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Page In Single Click

Facebook is the biggest social media. We all are having our account on Facebook. We are used to make friends, groups, pages and event. We have many friends on Facebook. If we are having some business then we can take advantage of our friends on Facebook. Every online business is having its Facebook Page. Organization is also having its official pages on Facebook. Even many people are creating his/her page on Facebook. The page creation process on Facebook is very easy but to grow the Facebook page is BIG task for each one of us. The easiest way to grow …

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Blogging Glossary For Every Blogger

Blogging Glossary

There are many people who want to start their new blog. There are some other people who are running good blogs since years. So what is the main difference between both types of people? The main difference is problogger knows the terms related to blogging and they are using those terms for their benefit since many years. Many newbie are not aware with these terms and if they are aware then they are not able to get most out of these terms. There are many people out there who love to read blogs but they may not know some words …

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Android Apps : A Blogger Should Have

15 Must Have Apps For Any Blogger

Android has become the most popular and growing platform for smartphones and tablets over the past few years. Google Play service of Android is providing many apps for bloggers. These android apps are making a blogger’s life easier than ever before. Moreover, as the smartphones are taking the place of the computers and laptops, these android apps are becoming more crucial for any blogger. So, if you are a blogger or planning  to have a blog then you must have these android apps for your good. I am going to list these android apps down below : 1: WordPress WordPress …

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Meet This Selfmade Woman : Preet Sandhu

Preet Sandhu

If you have a myth that only fashion bloggers can be stylish then you need to meet this personality. Today we are here with one of the most glamorous bloggers Preet Sandhu. Preet Sandhu is from Chandigarh. She is very good content writer. She believes in independence. She is a selfmade woman who is her own boss. She is not only good at technical part, she is also having good styling sense. she possesses unique writing skill. She is the founder of the blog – BeforeBuyReviews. She started her journey 2.5 years back with an online clothing store. Now she is one …

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How To Improve Goggling Skill [Proven Tricks]

Improve Googling skill

What is your favourite search engine? The answer of this question is Google. It is very obvious thing. We are using Google every day. The usage of Google as a search engine increases day to day. We use it to find everything which is on internet. We use Google in variety of ways. If we want to find some small thing then we go for Google. Even if we are doing research, we go for Google. So in short, we use Google to find each and everything from the internet. But are you using it efficiently? Many times we spend …

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Domain Authority : Important or not?

Domain Authority: Important or Not?

Everyone of you would have come across this term during your blogging journey. When it comes to sponsored post, what will be the prime requirement of your client? Of course – Domain Authority. You will be paid as per your domain authority. Sometimes, the selection also gets done on the base of Domain Authority. It is the most attractive parameter for any advertiser. Domain Authority – If you are in the blogging world and you have not heard about it, then don’t worry. This guide is for you where I am going to discuss everything about it. If you are already familiar with this …

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Which Programming Languages Blogger Should Know

programming languages

Do you want to start your blog or website? Are you non-technical person? Are you afraid of programming languages? Do you want to learn programming languages by which you can create your blogs? If your answer to any of the above question is yes, then here is a complete post for you. There are many people out there who don’t know programming languages. Some people also want to learn some languages by which they can make good blog. If you are those kind of people who want to learn the programming language but don’t able to decide where to start. …

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