Pros and Cons of WordPress

pros and cons of wp

There are many CMS in the market which will manage website content easily and efficiently. Among all of the CMS, WordPress is definitely the best CMS. If you want to start your blog or website then WordPress is the best choice for you to start with. In the early stage of WordPress, it is only popular for the blogging platform. But due to the development of thousands of plugins, WordPress becomes CMS. There is tons of website which are built on WordPress. WordPress is popular due to its pros and simplicity. There is always another side of the coin. Thus, …

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Blogging : An Art of sharing your knowledge

Blogging Image

When it comes to blogging, the first thought comes to our mind is an idea of sharing some knowledge which other people can utilize. But when we are sharing something, it is supposed to be utilized. Because that is the main concept of blogging. Time is wasted if we share knowledge and there is nobody to utilize it or even read it. So, in this post, I am going to share some basic information of blogging. Let’s start with a brief introduction of blogging. What is Blog? Blogging is an art of sharing knowledge.   A Blog is the collection …

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First Step towards SEO: How Search Engine Works

First Step towards SEO

How to improve the website rank in search engine? This is the most important question every website owner may have. Whenever any person types a query in search engine, the search engine will show only those results which are authenticated and relevant to the query. So how one can improve the website rank in search engine? The answer is quite simple.A website owner can improve rank by applying proper SEO. SEO is a strategy which is used to improve the visibility of a website in the search engine. By applying proper SEO one can drive a huge traffic to his website. …

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