Android Apps : A Blogger Should Have

Android has become the most popular and growing platform for smartphones and tablets over the past few years. Google Play service of Android is providing many apps for bloggers. These android apps are making a blogger’s life easier than ever before. Moreover, as the smartphones are taking the place of the computers and laptops, these android apps are becoming more crucial for any blogger. So, if you are a blogger or planning  to have a blog then you must have these android apps for your good. I am going to list these android apps down below :

1: WordPress


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the internet without a doubt. This app helps you handle your blog made using or This app helps you to publish posts, upload images, moderate comments, see your site’s analytics etc. This is the first app you should look for as a blogger.



Blogger is another popular platform for blogging. Blogger app is developed by Google Inc. But it still lacks many functionalities. They are very less compared to the WordPress app. However, one can create posts, publish posts etc. using this app. If you use blogger platform then definitely give this app a try.



If you have a tumblr blog which is also called a microblog, then you must have this app. It is for all tumblr users. It provides many good functionalities such as scheduling posts, posting, viewing and replying to messages etc. It can also handle multiple blogs. One can also share videos, images, gifs and much more using this cool app.



Writer is a very helpful app for bloggers. Generally, we get distracted by the notification from other apps while writing. The Writer app provides you a distraction-free environment for writing content. This helps you to get peace of mind and allows you to focus only on the content you are writing. Isn’t is great?

5:Google Drive


Google Drive is powered by Google INC. It allows you to store upto 15 GB of content on cloud. It can store a word document, an excel sheet, pdf documents, videos, audios and many other types of files. It also provides back-up of data. So, you can write half of your article on smartphone and half on laptop if you want to as it will be synced everywhere. This is something very good provided by Google and is very helpful for a blogger especially.

6:Google Analytics


Google analytics will be a crucial app for you as a blogger as it allows you to see the traffic of your blog and provides analytics. You can check page views, unique users, returning users, bounce rate, session etc. using this app. It also allows you to save reports, compare date ranges and monitor real-time data. Another great service provided by the Google INC.



Evernote is a great app for organizing your work. It allows you to create and store notes. You can retrieve it from any device as it provides syncing as well. It also allows you to take notes in more than one formats. You can store text, videos, audios, PDFs etc. You can share your ideas with other people using this app. It also provides powerful search. Thus, it is one of the most useful app for a blogger and even for a non-blogger. Many premium features are also available other than these.

8:Google Adsense


Google Adsense is an useful app to keep a track record of your earnings. You can replace it with your home screen to take a quick look. It allows you to check page views, clicks, pages RPM etc. It also allows you to monitor the performance of channels. Earning report is also available from this app. I recommend you this app if you are earning using the Google Adsense.


It is one of the leading free dictionary apps on android. It has over 20,00,000 synonyms and definitions. It works offline. It provides many facilities. Few of them are word of the day, audio pronunciation, voice search, translator, word origin, quiz, blog, slideshows, spelling suggestions etc. This app can be helpful for bloggers when they want to use some professional and heavy words into their content.

10:Swiftkey Keyboard


This app helps you write faster and without mistakes. It uses artificial intelligence to learn your writing style. Then, it predicts the word, the next word and also the emoji according to your writing pattern. It supports over 100 languages. It also has the auto-correct feature which mostly corrects your mistakes. Keyboard changes from no emoji to emoji according to the fact how you used them before. You just have to swipe over characters to write and that helps increase the writing speed. That is something very essential  for bloggers.

11:Facebook Pages Manager


If you are a blogger then you must be having a Facebook page to promote and share your blog’s articles. This app helps you to manage the page directly. You can share your posts, reply to messages, boost posts, update page etc. using this app. This solves the problem of opening the Facebook app everytime and going the page.



Twitter is just another social media platform like Facebook and has similar importance as well. It is useful to share your content, increase connections, tweet etc. Twitter plays a big role in any blogger’s success as it is a medium to connect to social circles and communities. You need to have this.

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13:Photo Editor


Photo editor comes into picture when you want to edit the images and post it to your blog. There are many photo editing apps available but this one provides so many features. You can crop, filter and resize the image. You can also add effects, drawings and text to your images using this app. There are many more features available too.

14:WebRank SEO


This app shows the Alexa rank, google pagerank, backlinks from google, yahoo and bing, tweets, shares, page indexed on google, yahoo and bing all at a time. This is a cool app all the bloggers must have as it lets them check the progress of their respective blogs.



Flipboard helps the user to flip through their facebook, twitter and google+ streams very effectively. It also shows the stories trending around the world. This can be helpful to a blogger in keeping him/her updated. This way it will help the blogger to get some new ideas about what content to write.

So, these were the few of the most important apps that a blogger should have on his Android phone. Check it out if you have all and if not, just go for it and give them a try.

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  1. its been so nice article and while going throught the post i have been getting some doubts like you have only concentrated only on the android users and was left the ios users aside its better you cover both the android and ios users to get more related apps which are used and should be used by bloggers like us. we hope you imporve these blog post with the ios users apps for bloggers too thanks for the unique post.

  2. Really very informative post Shivang Zala, I am newbie in blogging, i just get into your site through google i read many of your articles, these all are informative and they really inspire me!
    Thanks buddy, keep it up!

  3. I think you just shares the whole best list of Android apps. Feedly is my all time favorite app Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try some of the above mentioned apps as well.


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