10 Things You Must Check Before You Hit Publish Button

How much it is irritating that you have published a post and later you come to know about some errors in that post. Sometimes you forget to check about focus keyword and sometimes you have committed some mistakes in the title of the post itself. Can’t you check everything before publishing the article? Why do you forget something every time you publish an article? Is there any solution, you can publish your article without any error?

Hopefully Yes. There is a solution. Do what we do to improve our common mistakes. Note those mistakes which you commit every time while publishing an article. Then check from that list if you have committed that mistake. Then correct it. In short make a checklist and follow it every time before you click on publish button.

You can make your own checklist, here I am giving you points of my checklist which I check before clicking on publish button. You can add some of your points as well.

So here we go with the checklist…

1. Is your title catchy?

Check your title. It should be catchy and emotional so your readers get attracted to it. By emotional I don’t mean dramatic or overwhelmed. Your title should have power to force your reader to read your article.

To check your title score you can use various title analyzer. I would suggest you one and that is  Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule . This tool gives you tip for improvement.

So, Title portion is checked.

2. What is the length of your title?

The length of your title should be 60 characters so it can be shown properly in search results. If you will exceed this limit then the title will be cut in the results.

Yoast SEO will help you in this as it shows preview of your title that how it will be shown in search results.

3. U did perfect meta description?

Meta description is kind of introduction of your article for search engine result. It will be shown by social networks and search engines. If that is not attractive then readers won’t find your article useful. So, it is most important part of your checklist.

Your meta description should be in limit of 160 characters. It can be done using Yoast Plugin. If your meta description will exceed this limit then it will be shown cut off in search result. Which is not good at all.

4. Have you set good focus keyword?

Does your focus keyword come in H2 tag? Density of your focus keyword is also important. You should use some related words to your focus keyword instead of using keyword many time. It should come at the first position in your title. Again SEO Yoast can help you with it.

5. Done with interlinking?

Interlinking is important to make your article more clear to your readers. If you can interlink some relavant articles of yours or others then it can help your readers and search engines. In short make a network within your blog.

Interlinking also reduces bounce rate and increases page views of your blog.

6. Have you added external links? Make sure it opens in new tab.

If your link will open in same tab then readers will be distracted from their main goal.  So, make sure you have done setting while adding link that it opens in new tab.

7. Use appropriate images.

If you are using royalty free images then no problem. But if you use copyrighted images then don’t forget to mention credits.

8. Add categories and appropriate tags.

Sometimes, we forget to define the category of posts which makes searching hard for readers. SO, check whether you have added your article in appropriate category or not.

tags also play a vital role for SEO of your post. So, add relevant tags for your article.

9. There should some related keyword variation in your article.

To find related keywords, enter your keyword in google search and at the end you will see related searches, which can help you to find related words which you can use in place of your keyword to maintain its density.

Here I have searched for keyword phone number and the related words are…


10. See the preview of your article and correct your mistakes if u find any.

Now you have checked all the possibilities where you can make mistakes, so now it’s time to see the preview and test it.  Check the formatting, and click on all the links to check whether it works or not.

Once you are done with this checklist, don’t hesitate to hit the publish button finally.

Feel free to share your checklist in the comment section and if you find it useful then don’t hesitate to share this post.

Mahezabin Malida

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