Blogging Achievements Which You Forgot To Celebrate

There are many people who have read some income reports of one or the other blog. We all feel motivated when we read success stories of bloggers. In this motivation, many people might have started his blog also. There are many blogs like ShoutMeLoud, NeilPatel, Backlinko which gets more than one millions pageviews each month. Many blog published their earning at the end of every month in which they saw a huge amount of money and huge traffic of their blogs. It is their success which comes after many years of hard work.

Whenever any newbie begin to blog, he/she will have only one thought in mind to get a huge traffic and huge money via blog. It is not bad to wish such things. We can wish things and work for such things also. But all these things take great passion and time. After all it is your EMPIRE and EMPIRE cannot be build overnight.

To build an Empire, one needs enough self-motivation. Yes, motivation comes when we see some other bloggers success story but it is not our success. So such motivation will not work for longer time. The motivation which comes from inner will work for longer period of time.

So now the question is How to get the inner motivation?

The answer is very simple. Look at your blogging achievements. Yes, you have achieved lots of good things via your blog. Ohh…!!! May be you don’t believe me. So let me take you through your blogging achievements so that you will feel your strength. You might get these blogging achievements in different order or you have not still get some blogging achievements yet. But don’t worry, you will get them soon.

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Blogging Achievements

Infographic of Achievements


  1. Getting your blog LIVE and Running: This is the first blogging achievement I must say. Remember the day when you have properly configured your first blog. I know you are feeling cool. There are many people out there who wish to start blog but they don’t start it because of the initial set up. One needs some technical knowledge to set up and run the blog first time. So this is the first achievement of each and every blogger. You cannot decline to this achievement of yours.
  2. Getting your First Share: The one more blogging achievement of yours when you get your first share on any social media. Can you remember the person who had shared your first post? It may happen that some people have read your few posts in the begging of your blog but the person who shares your post will surely love your thoughts. So you can get the feeling that people like your blog and thoughts now. This is really amazing feeling for any newbie when he starts blog. This is indeed your second blogging achievement.
  3. Getting your First Subscriber for your blog: One more blogging achievement is First Subscriber for your blog. We all have many subscribers for our blog and we send newsletter to all subscribers once we published new post. But remember your first subscriber. When someone subscribe to your blog that means he/she likes what you publish. He/she want to read your blog on regular basis. So when you find the first person who like your blog then you surely feel good. I agree on the point that we have many subscribers now but the first subscriber is The first subscriber.
  4. Getting your First Guest Post approved: Believe me this is the best feeling ever. To write a post for our blog and to write a post for someone else blog are two different things. When you submit your first guest post for approval, you may feel that will it get approval of admin? And when it gets approval from the blog admin, you will get enough motivation. I still remember the feeling which I got when my first guest post was approved on blog. It means that now not only our followers like our writing but the other fellow blogger also like it.
  5. Getting your First Backlink: This is one more best feeling in blogger life. As a blogger, you know many techniques by which you can make backlinks for your blog. But when you get backlinks via guest posting then you feel different. One more feeling comes when some other blogger likes your content and links it in his/her blog. There are many bloggers who link the content which he likes in his new posts. So it is really great feeling. I still remember when Pradeep Kumar had linked our content in one of his blog post. So it is really amazing.
  6. Completing 50 Posts for your blog: There are many bloggers who start blogging in hurry and cannot continue it due to some or the other reasons. So with some time, the blog becomes dead. There are some other bloggers like us who completed the 50 posts for his/her blog. So it feels good when you complete this milestone. It is not that easy to reach here. It takes great amount of time and energy to complete this milestone.
  7. Getting your Adsense Approval: This is the great blogging achievement in blogging. Google Adsense is considered as easy income source in blogging. Google is very strict about it. There are many blogs who get penalty due to invalid activities. There are many bloggers who do not able to get Adsense approval. So if your blog is approved by Google then it is very good achievement of yours.
  8. Getting your First $100 via Google Adsense: First $100 from Google Adsense is one more amazing feeling for any blogger. This is the milestone which any blogger want to achieve in his life. Agree to the point that there are many bloggers who earn nicely via Adsense but the first income is first income which blogger will remember throughout his life.
  9. Getting First Affiliate Sale: There are many ways to earn via blogging. One of the ways to earn is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is considered difficult for newbie. But by one sale of affiliate, one can get good amount of money. So when you get the first Sale for your Affiliate it is nice feeling ever. This will push you more for next sales.
  10. Getting First “Thank You” Message or Mail from readers: As we know that blogging is an art of sharing knowledge. So when you share your knowledge, your reader will get benefit from it. So when they sent first Thank You message or mail to you for your knowledge sharing, you will defiantly feel happy.

So if you see all the above blogging achievement of yours, you will surely feel motivated. These all are small blogging achievements. But these all are your achievements. You can really feel motivated via these achievements if you see properly. There are many good bloggers who share his achievements and you get some little motivation but to boost your confidence your achievements will help you out.

Believe me no one will tell you these achievements of yours. Don’t be sad if you are not able to achieve BIG achievements in your blogging career. The above-mentioned achievements are yours only. If you have not achieved any of the above-mentioned achievement then GO and achieve it NOW. Then add it to your list and see all these achievements every day.

Remember one thing only: Self Motivation is the Best motivation which you will ever get.

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